Bernie Sanders getting shafted by the DNC

Exclusive Video: Proof of Bernie Sanders getting shafted by the DNC!

Matt Drudge releases info of one of perpetrators in the DNC Nomination Scandal!

by Jon Watkins July 24, 2016

With all of the reports of the DNC stealing the Nomination away from Bernie Sanders, this reporter can now release documented proof of the activity. I have been sitting on this exclusive video shot some months ago awaiting the right time to release it.

With the courage of Wikileaks, Matt Drudge and others, I now feel bold and safe enough from the Arkansider’s within the Clinton Cabal and the DNC.

It is time to release this Exclusive Video of one of said perpetrators in the act of trying to put the shaft to Bernie Sanders. Perhaps if some of the Bernie supporters were not protesting Trump and burning American flags, they could have protected poor Bernie.

But we all know or should know that the leftists have been entitled and only look out for themselves!


Video Warning! Graphic Images and may not be suitable for children or PETA! This is documented Video proof of The DNC trying to stick it to Bernie Sanders! This was shot under cover by an unnamed investigative reporter. Please prepare yourself to be shocked! The Identity of the attacker can not be verified. Perhaps from the image on Drudge and the video someone can identify. My suspicions it is Barney Frank!

This should not happen to any person including Bolsavik Bernie. The Comrade Clintonites MUST be exposed!
If you can’t View the Video, Try here. Sinister forces are at play. Needless to say, Bernie got caught with his pants down!

Yes this is satire but sanders did get the SHAFT from his supposed Comrades.