Top Scientist: We could soon Crossbreed with all Great Apes

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Top scientist who claims human-chimp hybrids were born in Florida says we could soon crossbreed with all great apes IS FAKE NEWS! Read about it here. BUT……, if it were, below are some candidates who I believe would prove it to be true!

First it was humanzees, now it’s HURILLAS and HUMANGUTANS

The SunA top evolutionary psychologist believes humans could soon crossbreed with all great apes to create hybrid “hurillas” and “hurangs”. Gorgon Gallup’s bombshell claim comes after he alluded to a human-chimpanzee hybrid born in a Florida lab 100 years ago, before doctors killed the “humanzee”. The scientist, who teaches biopsychology at the University of Albany in New York, insists crossbreeding is not limited just chimpanzees.

He said: “All of the available evidence – fossil, paleontological and biochemical – including DNA itself, suggests that humans can also breed with gorillas and orangutans. “Humans and all three of the great apes species are all descended from a single common ape-like ancestry. “I’ve also coined what would be the appropriate terms to refer to human-gorilla hybrids and human-orangutan hybrids which would be a ‘hurilla’ and a ‘hurang’.” Read more here.

I submit to you that it has already been accomplished and we have the offspring among us right now!

In addition to the physical comparisons there are other animistic behaviors.

  • The Troop mentality, and vicious attacks on anyone who does not see things their way.
  • The beating down of others and stepping on fellow troop members to gain the top position.
  • The beating of the chest and growling the loudest so the underlings know who is in charge!


All of this is proof positive of the cross species breeding, just as the Watchers did long ago that produced the Nephilim, the Giants of Genesis 6!

Nasty Nancy Pelosi is the biggest mouth as of late so we will start with her. Oh and she is a featured Ass Clown also!


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