False Flag Operation in Florida School: Second Shooter Reported in Florida School Massacre

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The FBI Was Warned About A School Shooting Threat From A YouTube User Named Nikolas Cruz In September

So why did they not do something? They did! They watched him and may have groomed him to carry it out or made him a patsy!

DEMOCRAT Nicolas de Jesus Cruz

Here are the facts you need to know:

  • His name is “Nicolas de Jesus Cruz,” according to multiple news sources (including the Miami Herald).
  • The left-wing media isn’t reporting his full name because it sounds Hispanic.
  • According to the Florida registration database, he is a registered Democrat who identifies as “Hispanic.” (See this link for proof.)
  • He has been receiving “mental health treatments” at a mental health clinic, according to the Boston Globe. This almost certainly means he was also on psychiatric medications, just like nearly every school shooter we’ve seen over the past two decades.
  • He purchased a firearm in the last year after passing a background check.
  • He was reportedly “abusive to his girlfriend,” according to news reports.
  • Nicolas de Jesus Cruz was into guns, knives, smashed frogs and all sorts of weird stuff.
  • He followed “resistance groups” on social media, including Syrian resistance and Iraqi fighters, according to Fox News / Nick Short (see tweet below).
  • According to that same source, he was also actively involved in “YouTube chat room discussions” about “the building of bombs.”

Source: Natural News

Eyewitness says she heard shots fired down hall while talking to suspect!

Eyewitness Alexa Miednik, who believes there was a second shooter, said she was WALKING with accused suspect Nicholas Cruz after she heard shots being fired – and told Cruz she was glad “it wasn’t him” who was doing the shooting at the school in Florida:

…As I was going down the stairs I heard a couple of shots fired, everyone was freaking out – there was a gun, and as we were walking – the whole class together – I actually was speaking to the “suspect” [she even did air quotes] and as I was speaking with him, he seemed very… I don’t know what the word is I want to say… but he was very troubled in middle school and I joked to him about it and said “I’m surprised you weren’t the one who did it.” Here’s a KHOU 11 reporter discussing the interview:

We just spoke with a former student, Alexa Miednik, she actually walked down the hall with the accused shooter, Nicholas Cruz, after she heard shots fired. She said, “Hey, Nicholas,” – this is what she told me on camera… – “Hey, I just heard shots fired and I’m surprised it wasn’t you. Just kidding.” He had the reaction “What?” and then they parted ways.She said “I heard more shots after that.” She thinks there was a second shooter.Authorities were warned about the shooter’s threats.


The FBI was warned about the shooter who killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in South Florida, and many kids at the school say “everyone predicted” he would do something crazy. Also, in the aftermath of the deadly rampage, liberal talking heads are pushing full force to attack the Second Amendment.

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