Istanbul Nightclub Murderer Abdulgadir Masharipov “My Goal Was To Kill Christians”

I will almost wager NONE in the “NIGHTCLUB” were True Christians!

Reuters – An Islamist gunman, who has confessed to the killing of 39 people at an Istanbul nightclub on New Year’s Day, told a court that he had aimed to kill Christians during his attack, Hurriyet newspaper said on Monday, citing testimony given this weekend.

Abdulgadir Masharipov initially planned to attack the area around Taksim Square but switched to the upscale Reina nightclub due to the heightened security measures around the square, Hurriyet said, without saying how it had obtained the document.

Reuters was not given access to the confidential document.

“I did not take part in any acts before the Reina event. I thought of carrying out an act against Christians on their holiday, to take revenge for their killing acts across the world. My goal was to kill Christians,” he was quoted as saying.

“If I had decided to do so, I would have used a gun and killed the people there (Taksim). There was no entrance to Taksim, it was swarming with police. I changed my mind after that,” Huuriyet quoted him as saying in the court document. Source: Reuters

I seriously doubt any True Christians were at this Night Club. All this Muslim Terrorist did was kill a bunch of his own people who he thought were Christian because they were at one of the ” most trendy clubs in Istanbul”…. Read the following:

Reina is one of the most trendy clubs in Istanbul with a glittering Bosphorus view for the young and beautiful.

The nightclub interior design looks like a cruise deck located in one the most beautiful spots of the Bosphorus. The place which brings the best restaurants of the city together under one roof, with evening bar pleasure and club entertainment. Source: Istanbul View

Nope, all he did was kill people who are now in Hell where he will be when they put him to death!