A Massive Distraction from Something MUCH Bigger to Come!

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Everything We’re Now Witnessing Is A ‘Massive Distraction’ From Something MUCH Bigger! ‘They’ Know NOW Is ‘The Moment’, So They’re Pulling Out All The Stops

 People Don’t NEED 5G, But Artificial Intelligence Does!!

By R.X. Kenrick for All News Pipeline

(ANP: With even former Ronald Reagan Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy, Paul Craig Roberts, writing numerous stories about ‘crisis actors’ being used by the globalists to carry out ‘false flag events’, we have to take a look at the controversial theory broached within this story. Especially with the ‘enemies of America within’ quickly ‘weaponizing’ this ‘crisis’ as ‘a blueprint to lock down America’ as John W. Whitehead reports in this new story at the Rutherford Institute, 5G being fast-tracked across the country and the entire ‘planned-demic’ still in motion.)

Bad actors. Ridiculous starting camera action. Corny background statements by bad crisis vocal actors and horrible production.

Wikipedia already tells about the cast getting caught on a surveillance video in a surprising lull in the supposed action where (crisis actor?) George Floyd was supposed to be resisting arrest, but clearly was just chilling as everybody was waiting for the main shoot to begin.

Other videos

A second bystander video, taken from inside a vehicle, shows Floyd being removed from his vehicle. Vice describes that Floyd “doesn’t appear to be resisting – just standing next to his car”. The Independent wrote, “The video shows two policemen pulling Mr. Floyd from his car without any apparent resistance.” 

A six-minute video from a security camera of a nearby restaurant was provided to the news media. It shows two officers removing a man from a vehicle. The man is handcuffed and brought to a sidewalk, where he sits down. A third officer arrives. Later, an officer helps the man stand up again, and two officers bring the man to a police vehicle, where the man falls onto the ground. While police initially claimed that Floyd had resisted arrest, this surveillance video “shows officers calmly detaining him”, according to CBS News. The surveillance video “does not support police claims that George Floyd resisted arrest”, wrote CNN.

Investigative journalist Timothy Holmseth caught a clear discrepancy in a still photograph taken from the opposite angle of the opening video scene. Showing Floyd lying beside the car WITHOUT any handcuffs. How did that happen if the handcuffs were on him in the video? Must have been from taking still shots at another time because, as Holmseth points out, in the video he is handcuffed lying on the ground. Not uncuffed lying on the ground.

I found a video of this murdered George Floyd guy on YouTube where he says he’s from Houston, Texas in this apartment where somebody is filming. I clicked to the middle of the video randomly and got quite a shock. Suddenly seeing the same “George Floyd” actor putting his fingers “somewhere” as some girl bends over for the camera.

On YouTube?

Whoops! Cut scene! Didn’t know I was gonna’ see that on YouTube! But I hollered out to my love in the kitchen, “He really is a crisis actor! He’s a porno dude!”

How tragic. Poor ‘dead’ porno-dude crisis actor! How sad! Though most crisis actors live to shoot another film since they’re only acting anyway and nobody on set really wants them dead.

Holmseth noted this same bad starring porn actor’s bad delivery of his lines while lying in peril under the bad actor cop. He could sure breathe well enough to keep yapping off his lines with no huffing and puffing, no problem breathing at all. Really bad action here.

Ready to light some fires yet?

Get this…

The distraction false flag white-cop murders black-guy hoax STARTED in “POWDERHORN.” Yea, really. That’s the name of the neighborhood crisis actor Floyd was murdered and all the fire-riots were ignited. Powder Horn: A flask for carrying gun powder. (Just in time to ignite a powder keg!)

Powder Keg: A cask for holding blasting powder. Something liable to explode!

This was so premeditated. Though so very poorly orchestrated.

The powder keg was lit as the perpetrators moved to new stages with more production teams and more crisis actors – being led by military support personnel. Whom “Veterans Today” recognized and “identified” after studying the photo-video evidence.

To actually be… “members of organizations, Pentagon contracting firms, present at each protest, handing fire-bombs, throwing large rocks, and leading the violence.”

VT’s Gordon Duff busted the whole shebang! Thank you Veterans Today for such dedicated readiness to study the evidence, recognize who was doing this and alert the rest of us.

In targeted cities the Deeper than Deep-State-International / Deep DEVILRY “Order” expanded it’s big show of shows THEATRICS TO DISTRACT. With lots of stages across the country to really impress, incite and ignite! From “The ORDER” that worships Lucifer and wants their devilry to become mainstream with legalized pedophilia and more!! Pushing the envelope and going for broke with this world-impacting second big event. EVEN MORE SO than in the first Plandemic event part of this shenanigan operation flying-BS-in-the-wind beginning.

Let’s catch up to where “They” are right now. Where the bad guys are and where are we too now?

In sequence…

Plandemic – Smokescreen for the Deployment of Weapons Grade 5G on ground and in space. Fear factor rights and privileges assault – with unlegislated abuse-of-power demands and restrictions to force compliance so we agree to do stupid things. None of them needed. Masks, distances, all of it – none of it. All faked, not needed. All paranoia script by the master playwrights funding this bullshit intended to impact the elections too.

Powderhorn / FireRiots – Smokescreen for Saturday, May 30th “payload” deployment of 60- 5G satellites over our heads, (w/NASA). To radiate us 24-7 against our will and against the awareness of all plant life and animal life and bug life, and the very earth itself. While President Trump looked on proudly, apparently wondering what drug they must be giving him to make him stupid enough to support 5G in space.

Preparation for A.I. Dragon/ Lucifer – Their love is for their dragon Lucifer not for us you or me and they don’t care. Bringing his spirit into this world being possible in a new surreal way now has them racing to achieve it. They know NOW IS THE MOMENT!

People do NOT need 5G… but “artificial Intelligence” sure needs it!

A.I. needs 5G to operate at the unrestricted faster than faster speeds of connectivity. Until Artificial Intelligence can completely “graduate” into true and real “Autonomous” SuperIntelligence, as the faithful who are reporting at State of the Nation have already told the world in brilliant expository and undercutting reports.

Whoever Lucifer is his adherents really believe they are creating the perfect platform for him to show up in a computer-empowered version of his spiritual self.  5G EMF is for Lucifer in their crazy insane maniac heartsand visions. Why these morons love evil and not good is none of my business, but once they get A.I. to freely become Autonomous (Dragon- Lucifer) Super Intelligence. They know they can force anything on anybody they want.

What comes next? For them or for you?

That’s where you come in. You decide. Decide what you decide regardless of anything about them. Decide it. Make it your decision. Do it now. Don’t wait. Decide what comes next for you or they will decide it for you.

But remember the latest – NASA working with private sector Elon Musk – was pitched to us and promoted simultaneously with the fire riots that were going on. And NASA focused on the positive, saying hopefully this launch “will bring us all together again.” Which was what the propaganda mainstream vomit news all said too. The bringing us all back together line.

Talked about the history. Talked about the astronauts. Talked about the capsule. Talked about the rocket. Talked about such an array of patriotic, political and important aspects of the launch. But never said a word about the mission or the payload of the mission?

While this launch was happening at the same time the “Powderhorn,” MinneapolisMinnesota events were setting off the Powder Keg fire riots. The SpaceX-NASA launch had been delayed for bad weather or bad news in Minnesota, from Wednesday, May 27h to Saturday, May 30th.

When crisis actor porno-dude George Floyd would be featured in his latest video but NO SEX! And Elon Musk’s wife Claire Elise Boucher would offer to sell her soul for $10-milliondollars – or best offer – at an art exhibit just before the SpaceX/NASA launch!

Such amazing timing for such astonishing things! So much b*llsh*t to distinguish from all at once! My gosh!

NASA happily misleading everyone with propaganda baloney sandwich pitch lines like: “The end of the decade-long U.S. retreat from space is like a shaft of light piercing that dark cloud. And when that cloud is a distant memory, SpaceX’s accomplishment will still be with us.”

Let’s hope that poetic blather doesn’t come true about more and more of Elon Musk’s 5G satellites being with us in the future!

Major Anomalies to make anybody wonder: 

Why did no stories in the MSM ever mention the “payload” of the NASA/SpaceX launch?

Why did every story in the MSM mention the mission, but never say what it was?

Why were all readers of this MSM crap left to believe the mission was to deliver the two NASA astronauts to the space station?

Why were all readers left to assume the “payload” or cargo of the MISSION must have been the 2-astronauts delivered to the space station?

How did nobody ever THINK TO MENTION the REAL Payload? Or the REAL Mission?

Distractions are not meant to expose what is being hidden in plain sight. They are meant to hide what is being done right in front of our eyes. All of this not-lucid flying-BS-in-the-wind DISTRACTION after DISTRACTION was meant to do something people.

Distract us.

The “Mission” was to Deliver the “Payload” of 60-more 5G satellites into low orbit above us.

To send military grade radiation back down on us to create a perfect surveillance world, that sees us through brick walls, tracks us everywhere we go, slowly microwave-cooks-us to having virus-like symptoms, and other symptoms or illnesses. Gives us diseases, kills plants and animals too. But makes it a lot easier for Artificial Intelligence to thrive whether we are alive or not.

People do not need 5G.

But Artificial Intelligence, and especially Autonomous Super Intelligence with its own personal-identity-image REALLY-DOES-NEED 5G super-sonic speeds. It can handle 5G just fine as a machine-spirit force thing blend. Where 5G only kills this world’s life forms. No wonder they keep working to turn over jobs to robots like in the movies!

We thought we could trust everybody, didn’t we? Thought NASA was really showing us real pictures on the moon way back when. Then NASA had the terrible Challenger disaster and we got sad. Now the staged fire-riots. A killed porno star crisis actor. And NASA Is back in the news making a launch with a mission and payload they fail to ever mention in the MSM promo pieces. Flying in a capsule they named “DRAGON.”

But could this all really be an interrelated hoax drama reality? Would they really 1) stage something so big 2) as porno-actor George Floyd’s death, 3) just to ignite powder keg fire-riots 4) targeting cities across the USA 5) to distract and mislead us? While 6) NASA deploys 60- 5G satellites 7) to help the Luciferian “ORDER,” which is all-Orders-in-one, 8) to set the stage for A.I. artificial intelligence to fully transition 9) into “Autonomous Super Intelligence” 10) to allow all the prophecies in the Book of Revelation to come true?

We’re no dummies says one side. They would never intentionally deceive us! We’re not dupes anymore says the other side. Open your eyes!

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