Crooked Hillary being gently placed under the Bus: Deal being made with Trump Administration?

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Dave Hodges – They say that little things come in small packages. This will be one of the most concise and condensed articles that I have ever written. However, it may prove to be one of the most important I have written, since I broke the Benghazi mutiny story almost 5 years ago.

Hillary Clinton Is Being Offered Up As a Sacrifice by the Deep State

I was told by very reliable inside sources that Jeff Sessions was closing in on the alleged pedophilia allegations against John Podesta and Hillary Clinton and this was going to prove doable because Anthony Weiner and possibly Huma Abedin were going to turn State’s evidence. Weiner is taking his chances in jail (27 months). However, Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, is closing in, with the foreign support of President Duterte and Vladimir Putin on child-sex-trafficking emanating out of the United States’ elite Deep State.

Yesterday, even Putin said the Deep State assassinated John Kennedy. And with each passing day, and with each child-sex-trafficking arrest, the Deep State risks more exposure to both their existence as a shadow government and their true nature. The light of day is something that Deep State will not permit, so a deal is being made which will be revealed in the final paragraphs of this article.
The Sources

Since the election of Donald Trump, I have been receiving information from an FBI employee (nonspecific) and two State Department employees. One of the State Department employees and the FBI employee must remain anonymous. One State Department employee, Monika Wesolowski and she can provide confirmation to the some of the ancillary revelations in this article.
Clinton Will Be Offered Up On a Platter

Yesterday, I read no less than six articles in which DNC officials want Hillary to just go away. The fact that these stories were released on the same day is not a coincidence. This is part of the deal that has been made between Donald Trump and members of the Deep State. This is the primary reason why former FBI director, James Comey, was fired when he was. His loyalty to Clinton was a threat to this arrangement. Here are the links to a few of these stories emanating from the DNC and the media who are distancing themselves from Hillary.


Remember? Hillary was not supposed to be ill. Where did this come from?

Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Bill Clinton, and James Comey’s brother (runs finances for the Clinton Foundation) are under FBI investigation as I write these words. The tips to Jeff Sessions were provided by sources close to Clinton, presumably, Deep State operatives. Hillary will very likely go to jail, or at minimum receive a suspended sentence and pay a big fine. I have been told that the Clinton Foundation will cease to exist in its present form. Some may remember that I broke the story, from my same sources, that Podesta had been caught converting Clinton Foundation assets to gold, art, etc., and then hiding these assets. I stated at the time, that Hillary knows that RICO will soon come knocking and that total asset forfeiture will occur. Podesta is trying to stay one step ahead.
Clinton Will Not Go Down for Child Trafficking, Drug Dealing, Money Laundering or Gun Running

The Deep State is feeling the heat because the most prominent members of the Independent Media have been relentless in their pursuit of these activities, especially child-sex-trafficking. I was told by my sources that the Deep State, even with the support of the media, cannot contain these revelations. They do not want a sleeping public to be aroused by a story that would dwarf Watergate.

To the best of my knowledge, this has not hit the mainstream media, yet, but it will very soon. Hillary is being investigated by the FBI for “pay for play” and misusing her authority as the Secretary of State to get Lois Lerner, IRS director at the time, to prosecute an African national government official who is living inside the United States if this African official does not help stop the investigation into a government official from Bangladesh who participated in pay for play with regard to the Clinton Foundation. There is a second African nation that is subject to this investigation, as well, for the same reasons. I have agreed to not release the identity of the second nation because it is too close to one of my sources.

Please note that Hillary will be going down for “pay for play” and not drug dealing, gun running nor child-sex-trafficking. She will also be charged with malfeasance of office with regard to the IRS issue. In exchange, Trump gets to purge much of the Deep State that is embedded in the FBI and the State Department.

All three sources, including Weslowski have told me that their supervisors have cleaned out their desks. Many are taking retirement. In Monika Wesolowski’s case, her supervisor and her supervisors two levels up are all leaving. Monika said that her office is almost empty. The purge is already beginning.

This story is a work in progress and there will be updates. I chose to publish what I know at this point because I wanted to get out in front the mainstream media spin that will undoubtedly be coming in order deceive the public. I asked the question, “Does this mean that Trump is backing off of child-sex-trafficking?” Nobody is certain.

Please note that the allegations that will be coming Hillary’s way will have nothing to do with the big three criminal activities of the Deep State.

One final note, Wasserman-Schultz, according to my FBI source, better have lots of body guards because in trying to distance herself from the related Seth Rich murder, she is bringing the same kind of attention that the Deep State is trying so hard to avoid.

I will be offering counterpoints to the MSM as this story about pay for play begins to break in the MSM. I am also producing a video which validates the claim that Hillary has been “ditched” by DNC leadership.

Finally, we now know why Hillary was not prosecuted by Trump for the emails when he took office.

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