Fired NYC School Teacher and Brother arrested for Bomb Making

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The report says they paid students to help disassemble fireworks for the gun powder! In another it says they were paid $50 per hour! Question? Where did two unemployed brothers get the money to live plus pay $50 per hour to the students?

IndependentA former New York school teacher and his brother stockpiled bomb-making materials in their apartment and paid students to help them, authorities have claimed.

Note that one has a beard and looks like a Muslim!  On a note card was this: “Under the full moon the small ones will know terror”. Referencing the Moon god Allah!

Police arrested brothers Christian Toro and Tyler Toro at their shared apartment on Thursday after uncovering more than 30 pounds of chemicals that could be used in explosives, New York City officials said at a press conference.

Both brothers have been charged with unlawful manufacture of a destructive device, and Christian has also been charged with distribution of explosive material to a minor. Both men have pleaded not guilty.

Police started investigating the brothers after Christian quit his job at a Harlem charter school in December, officials said. His resignation came in the wake of a bomb threat to the school, for which one student was ultimately arrested.

According to a criminal complaint, Tyler returned his brother’s work laptop to the school shortly after he resigned. While cleaning out the laptop, a school employee allegedly found a book that included instructions for how to make a bomb.

The complaint says Christian told agents he had downloaded the book by accident, while researching the Boston Marathon bombing. He said he had never built a bomb and had only looked at the book’s table of contents.

But when agents interviewed students at the school, they discovered that Christian had paid at least two of them to break apart fireworks and store the gunpowder in containers, the complaint alleges.

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