The Bohemian Grove

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This appears as one article written by Alex Newman at the New American. I have broken it down into 3 parts: Deep State and Secret Societies: The Illuminati Part 1Skull and Bones Brotherhood of Death Part 2The Bohemian Grove Part 4 and then I added The Masons

The Bohemian Grove

Another highly influential secret society operating in America is known as the Bohemian Grove. Like Skull and Bones, this network attracts American presidents, Cabinet secretaries, Big Business titans, mega-bankers, central bankers, “intelligence” agency bosses, military brass, and other leading Deep State characters. All of it is technically secret. The outfit was founded after the Civil War by Henry Harry Edwards, originally as a club for artists, writers, journalists, and other “Bohemians,” ostensibly for them to get together and relax in private. Since then, though, the outfit has grown to include more than 2,500 of the world’s richest and most powerful men — and only men are invited — who come from across America and beyond to meet at a massive retreat in the redwood forests of California. While total secrecy is demanded from members, it is known that the membership rolls have included every GOP president (except Trump) since the early 1920s, along with many Democrats, such as Jimmy Carter.

During the United Nations’ 1945 founding conference (chaired by Soviet spy Alger Hiss) in San Francisco, delegates from around the world were invited to the Bohemian compound, too. “The Club and its members were major players in hosting the UN Delegates,” wrote scholar Peter Phillips in his dissertation for his doctorate in philosophy at the University of California, Davis. “Receptions for UNCIO [United Nations Conference on International Organization] delegates and key dignitaries were held at the Bohemian Club on May 17th, May 29th, June 4th and June 5th. Towards the end of the UN conference the Club invited all delegates to a program at the Grove.” What, exactly, went on there with dignitaries from around the world remains something of a mystery.

While the club’s motto is “Weaving Spiders Come Not Here,” it is a known fact that plenty of official business is conducted at the Bohemian Grove, and especially at the lodges and camps. To get a sense of just how important in public affairs this occult confab is to the Deep State behind the Deep State, consider that former President Richard Nixon boasted of how crucial a speech he gave at the event was on his journey to the White House. “If I were to choose the speech that gave me the most pleasure and satisfaction in my political career, it would be my Lakeside Speech at the Bohemian Grove in July, 1967,” he explained in his autobiography. “Because this speech traditionally was off the record, it received no publicity at the time. But in many important ways it marked the first milestone on my road to the presidency. It was an emotional assignment for me and also an unparalleled opportunity to reach some of the most important and influential men.”

Aside from the power and influence are the occult ceremonies and perversion that have become practically synonymous with the Bohemian Grove. For one, the men — among the world’s most wealthy and influential across all sectors — are known to prance around the redwood forest naked and inebriated, urinating at will throughout the camp. Apparently the ability to urinate everywhere is a symbol of their freedom. More sinister, though, are the dark and occult rituals, widely described as pagan at best or satanic at worst. Some of this has been documented on video as occurring at the annual confab. Perhaps most infamous is the ceremony involving what members claim is a “mock” child sacrifice known as the “Cremation of Care.” During the spectacle, the robed and hooded men gather to chant, some carrying torches, under a 40-foot-tall owl idol that is widely said to be a representation of the Canaanite demon god Moloch, to whom babies and children were routinely sacrificed. Amid bizarre chanting and horrifying screaming, what members claimed was an “effigy” of a child is burned up as a sacrifice to the giant concrete owl.

The reason so much is known about this ritual is that there are still some real journalists in America. Conservative radio talk-show titan Alex Jones managed to sneak into the club through the forest and capture the occult ritual on video camera. It is even creepier than you might imagine. Jones posted the video online, offering the first known footage of the ceremony to the public — and confirming the existence and occult nature of a ceremony that had long been just the subject of unconfirmed rumors.

The words spoken amid the “sermon” offered during this ritual are equally bizarre. “The Owl is in his leafy temple. Let all within the grove be reverent before him. Lift up your heads oh ye trees and be lifted up ye everlasting spires, for behold here is Bohemia’s shrine, and holy are the pillars of this house,” the speaker declares, standing beneath the gargantuan stone owl. “We shall read the sign. Midsummer sets us free! Ye shall burn me once again! Not with these flames! Which hither ye have brought from regions where I reign. Ye fools and priests, I spit upon your fire! O Owl! Prince of all mortal wisdom, Owl of Bohemia, we beseech thee, grant us thy counsel.… O Great Owl of Bohemia! We thank thee for thy adjuration. Be gone detested care! Be gone! Once more, we banish thee! Be gone dull care! Fire should have its will of thee! Be gone dull care! And all the winds make merry with thy dust. Hail, fellowship’s eternal flame! Once again, Midsummer sets us free!”

Blurry still photographs of the event from a century ago provide evidence that the occult ritual has been going on for at least that long. Thanks to the video footage, though, Americans now have smoking-gun proof that top leaders in government and business are gathering for occult rituals in the forest, something almost too bizarre for everyday people to comprehend.

Later, on the street, Jones interviewed David Gergen, a regular attendee of Bohemian Grove and a leading advisor to four different presidents of both parties. Jones mentioned that Gergen had denied in media reports that he ran around naked at the confab, as other attendees are known to do, but that Gergen had publicly admitted to being a “happy member” of Bohemian Grove who likes the folks who come there. “Have you been there for the ceremony, the Cremation of Care?” Jones asked. Gergen, with his facial expression quickly changing, responded: “Frankly, I do not think that is something I need to talk to you about.” Apparently Gergen was confused, believing that Jones had been a member who did not follow his pledge not to disclose what goes on there publicly. “I don’t respect you for that,” Gergen fumed after being “ambushed” by Jones. “You took an understanding that you would not do that film, and you did.” Of course, Jones took no oath and offered no “understanding,” because he went in without authorization.

Another one of the few things that is known about the Bohemian Grove is that members were unsettled by then-candidate Trump and his promises to fight globalism, take on the establishment, promote Americanism, and pursue an “America First” policy. In a hacked e-mail posted by DCLeaks from former Secretary of State Colin Powell to Peter Gordon MacKay, Canada’s former minister of justice, attorney general, minister of national defense, and minister of foreign affairs, Powell dropped a bombshell. “I am back from the Bohemian Grove. Surprise, surprise, I sat next to [Canadian Prime Minister] Stephen Harper a couple of times and had a nice discussion,” wrote Powell, one of the leading figures in lying the American people into the Iraq war that resulted in the practical extermination of the ancient Christian communities there. “Grove attendees know that Trump is a disaster,” Powell continued, adding that “most will vote against” Trump. Many Americans weary of their leaders’ secret rituals took those comments as a ringing endorsement of Trump’s candidacy.

Former House Speaker Newt Ging­rich, himself affiliated with the Bohemian Grove and other key components of the Deep State, explained that the establishment’s disdain for Trump was indeed related to the fact that the current president was not involved in the secret societies. Responding to Mitt Romney’s attacks on Trump during an interview on Fox News, Gingrich, who did back the president, said the attacks were a signal of “the panic of the establishment wing of the (Republican) Party.” The possibility of Trump winning the GOP nomination “absolutely drives them crazy,” Gingrich added. When asked why, Ging­rich dropped another bombshell. “Well because he’s an outsider; he’s not them; he’s not part of the club; he’s uncontrollable; he hasn’t been through the initiation rites; he didn’t belong to the secret society,” said the former House speaker, who apparently was seeking a job in the Trump administration.


The membership lists of these secret societies, then, include many of the most powerful people in America and the world. There is also an astounding degree of overlap between the truly secret societies such as Skull and Bones and the Bohemian Grove, and the secretive but public outfits that make up this Deep State behind the Deep State described here. Beyond those secret and non-secret organizations that make up the Deep State behind the Deep State, there are almost certainly other cabals of totalitarian-minded globalists whose names and even members remain largely unknown to the public. Indeed, there are likely secret societies that are so secret they and their leaders remain virtually unknown to any non-members. Some of the secret history these societies have tried to erase is documented in Art Thompson’s book  To the Victor Go the Myths & Monuments: The History of the First 100 Years of the War Against God and the Constitution, 1776-1876, and Its Modern Impact.

Ultimately this is a battle between good and evil: As was shown earlier through the words of prominent globalists such as David Rockefeller and George Soros (and their praise for Mao’s Marxism and Chinese rule), the globalist groups have made clear that their goal is not the betterment of the world for the benefit of the masses. And increased prosperity and freedom and goodness will not be the measures of their success.

At its core, this battle has spiritual components that cannot be ignored. It’s about right and wrong. As John Birch Society founder Robert Welch explained, humanity is faced with a “satanic and diabolic conspiracy.” For Christians and Jews who believe the scriptures, that much is clear. And for those who believe there is a moral imperative that must be adhered to, being active against this Deep State globalist campaign should be a given. American churches, synagogues, and religious leaders must play a role in this battle.

Exposing these forces would go a long way toward stopping them. To that end, there is only one national organization working to stop the Deep State behind the Deep State: The John Birch Society. JBS founder Welch understood that the key to stopping what Rockefeller called a “secret cabal” and its conspiracy for a “one world” system is to expose the agenda and its purveyors, with God’s help, while organizing to stop them and educating the electorate. Nothing else will do. There are no shortcuts or magic bullets. Without an educated electorate, turning the tide will be virtually impossible, absent divine intervention. With the rise of the Internet, and thanks to the foundation laid by the JBS and others, the exposure is happening at an unprecedented rate. But all patriotic Americans must get involved in the fight if freedom is to survive.

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