John “WetStart” McCain is a Cancerous Tumor in the Senate and is No Hero

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McCain all by himself nearly sank a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier…

Via Lew Rockwell – McCain, when a Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy was a Navy pilot (they call themselves aviators). July 29, 1967 while on the deck and in his plane on the carrier U.S.S. Forrestal he managed to screw up procedures (officially denied and covered up by him and the Navy and also even promoted on Wikipedia if you care to look–reason to follow). He did a smart ass punk attention getting trick by doing a “wet start” up of his jet.

When a pilot wants to be a wise ass or show off, this type of engine start creates a large startling flame and lots of surprise noise from the rear of a jet engine on start up–this was no accident. This and the large subsequent electrical surge and apparent (incorrect and against policy) weapon arming (by the pilot) caused the launching of a powerful Zuni rocket across the carrier’s deck hitting other parked planes (photo below) that were packing 1,000 high-explosive pound bombs. The subsequent massive explosions, fire and destruction went several decks below and nearly sunk this major 82,000 ton U.S. aircraft carrier.


Crew members fight a series of fires and explosions on the carrier’s after flight deck, in the Gulf of Tonkin, 29 July 1967. The conflagration took place as heavily-armed and fueled aircraft were being prepared for combat missions over North Vietnam thanks to a Zuni rocket fired into them from John McCain’s aircraft across the deck of the ship. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This stunt and aftermath caused the deathof 134 sailors and seriously injure (blow off arms legs, cause blindness and burns to another 161 sailors) and took the ship off the battle line for extensive repairs. Any other Navy pilot causing this type of death and destruction the Navy would have raped him and he would probably still be in the brig. Why not McCain? Well, first with many powerful connections this “little infraction” was covered up by the Navy (our most politically involved/connected service by the way).

You see his grandfather was a famous FOUR STAR Navy admiral and his dad was at the time of the incident was a powerful Navy FOUR STAR admiral and McCain graduated from the Navy Academy. So the old boy Navy tradition cover his ass network went into high gear immediately; and make no mistake, it does exist and it did for him.

So when McCain was shot down and captured allegedly he, due to his father’s high rank the Communists were so impressed that McCain was offered up BY THE COMMUNISTS to be returned to the U.S. to show some type of recognition of his importance as the son of an active duty very powerful and influential U.S. Navy four star admiral (and he was). And then the fairy tale continues that McCain himself turned down the early release while still under the care of a communist doctor for his injuries so he could remain with his fellow prisoners for years and be tortured–oh sure!  And remember, any information about his first hand refusal to stay a prisoner comes from him relating it to others.

Let’s say it were true. Then that would mean the hardcore Communist enemy fighting an active war against the U.S. deferred to his “importance and influence” and that of his dad (according to the story line).

So I ask you…if an enemy thought this much of him and his four star admiral dad, would not our own U.S. Navy during their “investigation” of the Zuni missile launch from his parked plane while he was in the cockpit starting it up also NOT do this for him and sweep this little infraction which could have sunk an aircraft carrier under the rug? You betcha! Of course the Navy covered up the Forrestal disaster for McCain and his family and Navy tradition.


John S. McCain, Jr. as a four-star admiral (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

BUT, think about this. Since when can any POW tell his Communist captures he does not want to go or do something–and they then obey him and his desires and requests? Anyone who believes that is a moron! It is all bullshit later created to advance a political future for this “heroic” navy pilot and former P.O.W..

But let’s pretend it is true. If it were true, probably the Communists wanted him back on duty so he could blow the hell out of another Navy ship–because they sure did not have the resources to cause this type of damage to our forces themselves.

After the war and the prisoner exchange McCain was allowed to continue his service and retired from the (old boy network) Navy as a Captain (a rank just short of admiral).

There is so much more on McCain but it would take too much to cover. The bottom line is Trump is correct when he says McCain is NOT a hero. Sure Trump is a huge pain in the ass, but it does not mean he does not know what he is talking about either. It is possible McCain did some sort of heroic type effort survival things like living through torture as did so many others during their capture–but he sure as hell isNOT a hero. Being a P.O.W. is not being a hero.

Escaping and then leading an attack back on his captures as Army Special Forces Lt. Colonel (then Lieutenant) James N. (Nick) Rowe did the next day after his escape and helicopter discovery  and rescue all after being held in a tiny cage (and tortured) and having to live in far worse conditions than Hanoi Hilton for five years in the jungle of Viet Nam. Rowe, while racked with near death dysentery and weighing just 125 pounds of his original 180, barely able to walk did just that–he insisted on boarding a chopper to lead an attack against his former keeper’s camp deep in enemy territory before they could move to another location. Now that is pretty damn heroic–and he got nothing for that. In fact, you probably have never heard of him.


John McCain official photo portrait. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And when McCain makes self-serving remarks in a recent blatantly disingenuous effort to curry a connection with today’s younger voters in response to Trump’s mid-July comments by saying…“TODAY’S military people are better than his generation…” that remark has him spitting directly in the face of the many hundreds of thousands of those who served, lived, survived and died in our military during the years 1954 to 1981–McCain’s time on duty including his four years in the Navy Academy (the official headquarters for the good old boy network and its graduates).

Last, true to his behavior pattern of it’s always the other guy’s fault and he is just a really sweet guy McCain is working to try to convert and reposition Trump’s public stated opinion of McCain personally to make it look like Trump means what he said is about all former POWs.

Hey, it is just what McCain does and who he really is!

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