Six People Shot in Chicago at a Memorial for a Gunshot Victim?

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Yea the headline is correct and you read it right. Chicago is one of the most gun restricted cities in America, yet it has one, if not the highest murder rates due to GUNS!! Read Can anything good come out of Chicago.

Trump Asks “What The Hell’s Going In Chicago?” Gets One-Word Answer……. Wait for it….. DEMOCRATS!

See that along with Video at Zero Hedge.

Daily Caller January 26, 2017 – A Chicago gang shot six people during a vigil Wednesday night for the victim of a city shooting.

The group of people gathered at a local restaurant to grieve 20-year-old Jamayah Fields’ death, reports The New York Post. Fields died after being shot Monday.

The gang found out that one of their targets was at the restaurant over social media, according to community activist Jedidiah Brown. The gang came to the location and opened fire, wounding six people inside.

Fields’ mother was also wounded during the altercation, Brown said, but police have not verified whether she was injured or not.

A 12-year-old girl suffered from a gunshot graze to the head and a teenage male is in serious condition at the hospital. Read the rest at the Daily Caller.


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