Democrat Voter Base Round Up News October 27, 2018

AMERICAN TRUCKING COMPANY CAUGHT ON VIDEO CARRYING “MIGRANTS” FOR BORDER INVASION! In the video, shown below, a truck pulling dual flatbed trailers with the company name “Javier” is shown along with its US Department of Transportation (DOT) ID number. The video below shows the truck hauling the illegal aliens, and we used it to look … Click here to Read more

Sodomy State of California should have ALL Votes declared Invalid for allowing Illegals to Vote

Our Constitution permits only Citizens to serve in Congress (Art. I, §2, cl. 2 & §3, cl. 3); the President must be a ‘natural born Citizen’ (Art. II, §1, cl. 5); Article IV, §2, cl. 1 & §1 of the 14th Amendment refer to the “privileges and immunities of citizens”; and the 15th, 19th, 24th, … Click here to Read more

Communist Socialist Democrat Voter Base headed to America

Hondurans Paint Swastika On American Flag, Set It On Fire; Wave Honduran Flags, Give Us The Finger See more here  Thousands of Hondurans in U.S.-bound migrant caravan head into Mexico TAPACHULA, Mexico (Reuters) – A U.S.-bound caravan of thousands of mostly Honduran migrants whom President Donald Trump has declared unwelcome, began pouring into the Mexican … Click here to Read more

Democrat Stacey Abrams: ‘Undocumented’ Immigrants are Part of the ‘Blue Wave’

In other words, VOTER FRAUD!! Breitbart News – Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams said Tuesday that the “blue wave” is comprised of “undocumented” immigrants, among many others. Abrams made these comments in front of supporters at the Clayton County campaign office during an event with Senator Elizabeth Warren, as first reported by The Washington Free … Click here to Read more

Michael Obama on the Stump for the Communists

Chris Menahan |Information Liberation – Michelle Obama encouraged people who “know nothing about nothing” to get out and vote while speaking at a campaign-style rally on Monday in Las Vegas. “Voting does not require any kind of special expertise,” Obama told the crowd. “You know, you don’t need to be have some fancy degree to … Click here to Read more

Mexican citizen stole woman’s identity to vote in Texas elections

The ILLEGAL cast ballots in 2004, 2012, 2016 She must have been Vacationing in Mexico in 2008! KHOU Houston – A Mexican citizen living in Houston stole another woman’s identity to vote illegally, the Texas attorney general’s office says. Laura Janeth Garza, 38, was indicted last week on two counts of illegal voting. Attorney General … Click here to Read more

25 Million Dead and Illegal “Registered Voters” in 2016

Trump proven right: millions of dead and invalid voters not included in study showing 800,000 illegals for Hillary!

Kit Daniels  Prison January 27, 2016

A study revealing that over 800,000 non-citizens voted for Hillary Clinton doesn’t account for dead and fraudulent voters, which accounted for over 25 million “registered voters” during the 2012 presidential election – and little has changed since then.

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