Actor James Woods treading in Dangerous waters?

Pegs Barack Obama: ‘He’s a Muslim’ ‘That’s where his allegiance lies. Always has. Always will’

This is nothing new and I certainly don’t need a famous actor to tell me the obvious! But it takes someone who is worshiped by the masses to bring truth to light!

WASHINGTON – Actor James Woods tweeted the once unmentionable over the weekend about Barack Obama.

“He is a Muslim,” wrote Woods. “He can deny it, his apologists in the media can refute it, and his enablers can promote a narrative that he is a Christian. It’s a pack of lies. Obama is a Muslim and that is where his allegiance lies. Always has. Always will.”

The statement came in response to this tweet: “Obama targeted Christian Churches and Conservative Charities with the IRS, but ordered investigations into Hezbollah to be stopped. Let that sink in.” Source: WND

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