John Brennan, Catholic Muslim Convert

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DCI John Brennan, Catholic Muslim Convert, Owes America an Apology for 9/11.

Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, MD, PhD January 16, 2017  –  Please don’t forget his creation of wars and terrorist groups in Libya [Benghazi], Syria, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood.

Nothing betrays an incompetent spy like John Brennan, as his insistence that Donald Trump apologize to the CIA for Donald’s appropriate dismissal of the agency’s intractable history of  incompetency. Full disclosure: I am not a fan of John Brennan nor any other of the civilian/military DCIs except Admiral Stanfield Turner, who correctly fired thousands of useless so-called ‘CIA operatives’.

Mostly, the CIA has been a part of Hollywood, creating absurd self-aggrandizing movies/TV shows. Brennan was particularly good at concocting massive amounts of fictional narratives like:

  • non-existent death of an already dead OBL
  • the pathetic cover story for his incompetency regarding HRC/CIA’s inspired fiction regarding Benghazi
  • reconfirming the myth that he was part of the real “Catholics In Action”.

Increasing evidence has arisen that Brennan is really an effete ruddy-faced Muslim convert. He became, like his Saudi Arabian counterpart, Huma Mahmood Abedin, a Salafist Muslim who made a Haj to both holy cities of Mecca and Medina.


Therefore, the proper address for this treasonous American would be: “Haji Brennan” denoting the respect granted to those Muslims who had obeyed the Koran to make a “Haj” once in their lives to these two holy cities. The problem for me has always been what POTUS Eisenhower and eventually Dem. POTUS Harry Truman [who had created the CIA] both had concluded. Both men knew that the CIA had become more of a moving-target of disasters than a dependable asset in maintaining the national security of this country.

We can all enumerate the wars that the CIA initiated and then retreated from with their clever insertions of so-called whistleblowers and dissenters. Sec. State John Kerry, cradled within the elite confines of Skull and Bones at Yale, entered the CIA without any significant talents other than his intractable ability for self-promotion. Oh yes, forgot to mention his half-witted ability to negotiate killer pre-nuptial agreement with some rich widow.

Daniel Ellsberg, the CIA joker from the RAND Corporation and the Pentagon Papers, first fought in Vietnam with distinction. However like John Kerry, he dutifully followed the same absurd script concocted by these nefarious elites: Helms, Colby, Dulles brothers, and Bush… and dutifully denounced the Vietnam War accordingly.

If one exams the past history of the CIA, we Americans have paid for a series of sycophants whose loyalty lie not with the citizens. They were and will always be beholden to their rabbis, bosses and patrons including presidents Bush Sr, Clinton, Bush Jr, and Obama.

It’s unfortunate that one of our premiere intelligence organizations has failed us Americans. Yet, it is outright treason when the Directors of the CIA: George Tenet [ congressional staffer]; John McLaughlin [Booz Allen Consulting]; Porter Goss [politician]; Leon Panetta [Congress]; Michael Hayden [USAF]; David Petraeus [US Army]; Mike Morell—all have been part of creating an internal attack against naive tax-paying Americans. These miscreants went on to initiate a series of unnecessary wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, concocting the fictitious rubric, “War On Terrorism”.

John Brennan is the poster child for what is really wrong with the CIA. He was never very bright. Like many good Catholic boys, he went to parochial school in NJ. Like most ignorant teen-agers, he voted for the Communist Party USA [Gus Hall for POTUS]. He attended Fordham University then he received a Master Degree at the other CIA recruiting institution, University of Texas in Austin. Pattern here, pay attention! a follower, corruptible probably sexually deviant.

Brennan became a CIA analyst and eventually ended up to become Station Chief in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The least qualified of any DCI, George Tenet [Bush boy] appointed Brennan deputy executive director of the CIA in March 2001 [only a few months before 9/11]. Nothing in his background denotes any other major service to America.

He was not drafted into the Army during the Vietnam War although he was a prime candidate with a M.S. in Political Science. The way most of the war-hungry draft dodgers on the neo-con spectrum avoided any possible death sentence during a fire-fight was to join the USG [ a la John Bolton, Elliot Abrams, Paul Wolfowitz,] or the CIA.

Yes, there were those who first fought in Vietnam or Korea and then joined the CIA. They were rare. Like the mulatto homosexual, POTUS Obama, Brennan joined his comrade-in-arm to engage our young men and women into a series of contrived conflicts just like the Vietnam and Korean Wars. Both Salafist Muslims: Obama and Brennan, should join their kinsmen in Saudi Arabia and ponder their remarkable accomplishments of wasting ten trillion dollars in these useless wars.

More importantly, as good haji Muslims, both Obama and Brennan did well by the Koran, having killed two-three million infidels in Syria,Iraq and Yemen.


In addition,they were effective at displacing over one million innocent refugees– Muslims, Christians, Alawites from Syria into Western Europe/USA. Let me quote from the Koran to our American/Muslim traitors: Brennan, Obama, Uma Abedin:
“But he whose balance of good deeds is found to be light, will have his home in a bottomless pit. And what will explain to you what this is? A Fire blazing fiercely!”

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