Skull and Bones: Brotherhood of Death

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This appears as one article written by Alex Newman at the New American. I have broken it down into 3 parts: Deep State and Secret Societies: The Illuminati Part 1Skull and Bones Brotherhood of Death Part 2The Bohemian Grove Part 4 and then I added The Masons

Skull and Bones: Brotherhood of Death

By their very nature, “secret” societies are secret, and hence, difficult for outsiders to track and understand — that is, after all, the point of being “secret.” And so, beyond observable ideological similarities, the relationship between historical organizations such as the Illuminati and modern-day secret societies, assuming there is a relationship, is murky at best. But secret societies that bear striking similarities in terms of practicing occultism, totalitarian ideology, subversive practices, obsessive secrecy, hatred of Christianity, and more continue to exist — even in America, to this today. One such organization operating in the United States today is known as the Skull and Bones society. It exists at Yale University, and is sometimes known as the “Brotherhood of Death.” It was founded in 1832 by William H. Russell, whose family was in the opium business, shortly after his return from Germany. The German connection has led many analysts to speculate that Skull and Bones may be an American branch of an international movement — potentially even the Illuminati. But that is simply speculation at this point.

It has been dubbed, probably unfairly, considering that it is known to exist, the “most secretive organization in the world.” And it has attracted a great deal of criticism. Among other concerns expressed by critics are the deeply occult rituals the society is known to engage in. These include bizarre, death-obsessed ceremonies that initiates are required to participate in if they wish to join. For instance, it has been widely reported, thanks to investigations and secret videotapes, that initiates are required to lie in a coffin while engaging in acts that cannot be repeated here while detailing their sexual history to their fellow “Bonesmen,” as members are known. Footage of some of the society’s bizarre rituals, which take place at a location known as “The Tomb,” has emerged in recent years.

In film that was aired in 2001 by ABC News, for example, Bonesmen can be seen and heard engaging in occult rituals involving, among other things, kissing human skulls, followed by what was described by the ABC host as “performing a mock killing.” The screams caught on tape are bloodcurdling.

“Even though it may seem silly to us, it seems to mean something to them,” said Ron Rosenbaum, the reporter for the New York Post who helped obtain the video of the rituals, during a 2001 interview with ABC News. “You can’t argue with the success of Skull and Bones.” The ABC host went on to explain that Skull and Bones has “groomed the American ruling class for generations,” producing leaders of Wall Street, Congress, the Supreme Court, and the White House.

While the society has largely operated from the shadows since its founding, it did earn some attention during the 2004 presidential election between then-President George W. Bush and then-Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.). Both were members of the society. In separate interviews, late Meet the Press host Tim Russert asked them about it, but got no real answer. “It’s so secret we can’t talk about it,” Bush responded. Kerry, when asked what it means that both he and Bush are members of Skull and Bones, said: “Not much, because it’s a secret…. I wish there were something secret I could manifest, there are all kinds of secrets.” Bush also mentioned the society in his autobiography: “My senior year I joined Skull and Bones, a secret society, so secret I can’t say anything more.” In other words, Americans were given a choice between two members of the same occult secret society, and neither candidate was willing to say a word of substance about the implications and meaning of such a development.


Aside from the two presidential candidates in 2004, many Bonesmen have served at the highest levels of government, ranging from Cabinet secretaries and senators to CIA bosses and Supreme Court justices and at least three presidents. Among the prominent members have been former President George H.W. Bush; James Jesus Angleton, credited with “mothering” the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA); neocon journal National Review founder William F. Buckley, Jr., a CIA agent and CFR member who “purged” true conservatives from the “conservative” movement; Secretary of War Henry Stimson; Austan Goolsbee, chairman of President Barack Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors; leftist Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank; George H.W. Bush’s father, Senator Prescott Bush, who was embroiled in legal troubles for financing the Nazi war machine; multiple CFR founders and leaders; Frederick Smith, the founder of FedEx; Harold Stanley, founder of Morgan Stanley; international mega-banker Averill Harriman; Secretary of Defense Robert Lovett; and both President William Howard Taft and his son, Senator Robert A. Taft. Multiple Rockefellers have also been involved. While not all members go on to powerful positions, many certainly do.

Still today, little is known about the group, which not surprisingly considering its name, uses a skull and crossbones as a logo, along with the number 322. But multiple investigations have been carried out by researchers over the years. Perhaps the most important resulted in the book America’s Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull and Bones by Stanford University historian Antony Sutton. In essence, the book argues that Skull and Bones is a “recruiting ground for a global conspiracy for world government,” as history professor, author, and The New American writer Steve Byas explained. Sutton details how the Bonesmen and their co-conspirators use the Hegelian dialectic to advance their agenda. “In this [dialectical] process change requires conflict, and conflict requires the clash of opposites,” he explains. “You can’t just have a ‘right,’ you must have a ‘right’ and a ‘left.’” This was illustrated perfectly, perhaps, in the 2004 presidential election, when Americans were given a choice between a “conservative” Bonesman (Bush) and a “liberal” Bonesman (Kerry).

Sutton wrote other incredible books exposing the Deep State behind the Deep State’s role in promoting communism, including Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution. He also wrote the book Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler. And with researcher Patrick Wood, he wrote Trilaterals Over Washington, focusing on the Trilateral Commission. Each of these offers valuable insight on the true nature of the Deep State, including its most secretive components, such as Skull and Bones. Taken together, the research by Sutton offers among the most comprehensive overviews of the Deep State’s architecture and its operations, which include support for mass-murdering regimes and revolutions.

Continued in Part 3The Bohemian Grove

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