Muslim singer: On Judgment Day, we will all kill Jews

When being asked about her native Kuwait normalizing relations with Israel, the famous Kuwaiti singer stated the following: “All the Muslims will fight the Jews until every rock behind which a Jew is hiding will say ‘there’s a Jew behind me’“ and “As Muslims we do not recognize the state of Israel.” When discussing the conflict … Click here to Read more

NYPD releases Photo, Identity and Arrests Synagogue Vandal

The White Nationalist, Nazi Republican, Trump Supporter who wrote “die Jew rats we are here,” “Jews better be ready,” and “Hitler.” in Synagogue has been identified, arrested and charged with a hate crime! Oh wait! This is NOT a white trump supporter! He just happens to be a Queer Black Man and an Obama groupie!!! … Click here to Read more

Fight the Jews and Kill Them

Mundhir Abdallah was reported to police after being filmed repeating in Arabic an anti-Semitic hadith- a teaching of Muhammad Breitbart – A prophesy appearing to call for the murder of Jews repeated during a sermon at a Copenhagen mosque has caused outrage in Denmark after it was released online. Mundhir Abdallah was reported to police after … Click here to Read more

German Court Rules Setting Synagogue on Fire is Legitimate Protest

A German regional court ruled that the setting fire to a synagogue was not an anti-Semitic act, but rather was intended to draw “attention to the Gaza conflict.”

As such, the three men convicted of the crime – identified only as Muhammad E., 31, Ismail A., 26, and Muhammad A., 20 – were given suspended sentences. The men threw a firebomb into the synagogue in Wuppertal which caused $850 of damage in the summer of 2014 during Operation Protective Edge, Israel’s response to continuous rockets and missiles fired into its territory by Hamas.

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