Third London jihad murderer told Italian police: “I’m going to be a terrorist,” had no trouble entering UK

“After the airport stop, Italy’s Internal Intelligence Service passed on details to the liaison officer for the U.K.’s foreign security agency — MI6 — in Italy, who also relayed the information to the U.K.’s domestic security agency MI5….After an argument, he left to live with his mother in Italy. At that point he began flying regularly between London and Bologna.”

Despite his statement and his jihad terror ties, he evidently had no trouble getting into Britain. Britain only keeps out foes of jihad terror.

“Third London attacker told Italian police: ‘I’m going to be a terrorist,’” by Giulia Paravicini, Politico, June 6, 2017:

The Moroccan-Italian man who has been identified as the third London attacker told Italian authorities “I’m going to be a terrorist,” when he was stopped at Bologna Airport last year, an Italian security official told POLITICO.

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