The Powers that Be are trying to Transform Everyone into their Image

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The Ultimate Goal Of Globalists Is To Make You Into A Monster Just Like Them

Brandon Smith | Alt-Market – In recent months I have been writing extensively about the psychology of globalists as well as the strange cult-like beliefs that drive their philosophies. In my article ‘Global Elitists Are Not Human’ I outlined evidence that globalist motives and behavior are directly comparable to the ideals and behavior of narcissistic sociopaths (or what some people might refer to as psychopaths). I theorized that globalists are in fact a highly organized cult of narcissistic sociopaths, that they look for the inborn character trait of sociopathy in the people that they recruit, and that these people are like a separate species from normal human beings, as they lack most traits that we would associate with normal human behavior such as empathy and self examination.

In my article ‘Luciferianism: A Secular Look At A Destructive Globalist Belief System’, I showcased evidence that globalists and their institutions (like the United Nations) were tied to the luciferian philosophical cult. I also explored my epiphany that luciferianism was actually a religion designed by narcissistic sociopaths for narcissistic sociopaths; a belief system that exonerates and applauds their destructive behaviors.

To reiterate, the only way to understand the methods and madness of globalists is to research and understand the thinking of narcissistic sociopaths. This is, I believe, the big secret that we are not supposed to know about. The root factor that could change the world is if humanity finally realized that these people are not like us – they are a parasitic species which feeds off of us, and they are identifiable if you know what to look for.

Here are a few ground rules to understanding how such predators think and operate:

1) Narcissistic sociopaths make up around 1% to 5% of the total population, and are present in every culture and ethnicity. The vast majority of them carry the traits from birth. Many of them remain latent, meaning, they function within society and avoid destructive behavior because the environment makes this behavior unacceptable. However, at least 1% are full-blown psychopaths.  During times of crisis and uncertainty people with latent traits tend to revert to destructive psychopathic behaviors because there are no social consequences to restrict them.

2) A psychopath is not insane in the manner many people might assume. Psychopaths are highly cognizant of their surroundings, and are adept at manipulating the people around them for their own gain. They know how to blend in, though, even the most skilled chameleons make mistakes and show their true colors  They are also very aware when they are committing an evil act; they simply don’t care and feel no regret or remorse.

3) Psychopaths organize with each other constantly as long as there is a promise of personal gain involved. I’m not sure why, but there is a misconception among many people that all psychopaths are “loners” that do not work with anyone. I can only attribute this belief to mainstream propaganda. The most effective psychopaths hunt in packs. This can easily be seen in criminal enterprises such as cartels, the mob, certain corporate entities that have been exposed, and very often in governments.

I have personally witnessed multiple narc/sociopaths operate together in the same space. These people barely knew each other in some cases, but somehow picked up on instinctual cues and started working together to take over the room and dominate everyone’s attention and time. I have also witnessed narc/sociopaths help each other at random by manipulating a victim or mark back into position so that another narc/sociopath can continue feeding off of them.

Those people who claim that psychopaths could never organize into a conspiracy or cabal because they would sabotage each other have no understanding whatsoever as to how these criminals actually function.

4) Psychopathic people account for the vast majority of violent crime and fraud in the US and consume astonishing resources in terms of taxpayer dollars. There is also NO KNOWN METHOD of rehabilitation for these people. Why? Because narcissism and sociopathy are generally inherent at birth, and they make up the bulk of a psychopath’s personality. Take these two traits away, and the psychopath no longer has a personality. I repeat – these people cannot be fixed. They are what they are and will never change because they have no capacity for self examination and no other personality to fall back on.

5) Psychopaths often have very short attention spans, except when they are engaged in a predatory agenda. This might seem like a contradiction. How could they be so observant of the people around them to the point that they are expert manipulators, while also being oblivious? It is primarily a matter of predatory instinct.

They do not care about normal human associations and interactions if they are not getting fuel for their narcissism from the exchange. They may go through the motions of pretending that they are human, or, they may not. But, if they see an opportunity for gain at the expense of others, they suddenly become hyperfocused and highly industrious.

This is another behavior I have also witnessed personally. I have met narc/sociopaths that were lazy beyond all belief in their daily lives and who had no capacity to listen to other people even when the information might be useful. At the same time, when they saw a target or victim that they could exploit, they would suddenly plan elaborate schemes, spending months of energy building a web of lies and creating a chain of machinations to obtain what they coveted. If you are not familiar with narc/sociopaths, this kind of conduct will come off as extremely bizarre and befuddling.

6) Their lack of attention span in daily circumstances can be partly attributed to their addiction to dopamine. When they do focus, it is only to satisfy a dopamine rush, and the actions that give them the most dopamine rush are usually destructive or aberrant. Of course, over time the actions which gave them dopamine in the past become inadequate, and so they seek out even more aberrant and depraved activities to get the same high. Most narc/sociopaths will willingly engage in the most disturbed and twisted victimization imaginable just to feel a sharper flood of dopamine, as long as they think there will be no consequences.

7) Narc/sociopaths are not necessarily more intelligent or impressive, though they do tend to score higher than average in terms of IQ. They usually do not excel in anything, because they have no patience for mastery of a particular subject or skill. That said, they have a highly developed survival sense, in that they are very good at exploiting the skills of others. Meaning, they are good at manipulating other people who are intelligent and skilled and feeding off of their efforts.

This does not always last, though, as the people they exploit start to realize what is happening and cut the narc/sociopath loose. Most narc/sociopaths will cycle through non-narc associates quickly, and have no real “friends”. In an organized psychopathic group, everything is based on mutual gain and the targeting of victims. They are not friends or compatriots.

8) Narc/sociopaths are invariably cowards, and will rarely fight on a level playing field. They will either run, stab you in the back if they can, or use other people to do their dirty work.

Finally, narc/sociopaths have one particular quirk or obsession which I rarely see discussed, but it is a behavior which I think is central to explaining the methodology of globalists. Narc/sociopaths see themselves as far superior (or godlike) compared to normal people, and they view empathy and the capacity for joy in everyday things as weakness and foolishness. Therefore, they feel justified in their pursuit of dominance and exploitation of others. However, they also understand that they would be considered monstrous by society and face punishment if they are ever exposed.

They know to some extent that they are not human, that they are vampires that need to remain hidden in order to leech off of humans. In their pursuit of dopamine, they have probably engaged in some extremely evil activities, including fraud, corruption, rape, pedophilia or even murder. They don’t personally have any guilt over such actions, but, they know they would be burned at the stake for them.

Being that they see themselves as superior to the rest of us, they find it reprehensible that they should have to hide their true nature. They are “gods” among men, and it is demeaning to them to have to skulk about in the dark, or play act as if they are like us. The final behavior of narc/sociopaths that I want to mention here is their need to either prove that everyone else is just like them, or their need to make everyone else just as monstrous as they are.

I see this in particular with globalists; almost every agenda they engage in has an element of propaganda which encourages people to embrace a morally relativistic philosophy. They want us to engage in atrocities and view them as perfectly acceptable.

This is perhaps the primary rationale behind globalist engineered crisis events. In each instance of crisis, we are told that moral ambiguity is necessary in order to survive, and that empathy and principles are for suckers, or for times of peace only. We are also told that the natural states of human behavior and society are wrong and that we must accept the exact opposite, otherwise we are “bigoted” and are holding society back from progress.

Sure, there is also the elitist goal of convincing the masses to go along with less freedom and more centralization, and this cannot be discounted. But, there is also an underlying and more sought after goal of erasing our humanity altogether. From moral relativism, to digital distraction and our ever shortening attention spans, to the masses being encouraged to chase ever more dopamine, to the demonization of natural masculinity and femininity, to gender dysphoria, to the overt obsession with sexual gratification, to our growing acceptance of government subjugation as long as it is against our political opponents, to the use of war as a means to expand political influence – the globalists are attempting to turn human psychological reality on its head and make us just like them.

The problem for them is, we are not like them. Conscience and empathy are inherent and inborn qualities for us, just as narcissism and sociopathy are inborn qualities for them. We are undeniably different at a fundamental level.  This is why they are forced to construct narratives of reason around the insanity they want us to approve of.  They are forced to present evil actions as if they are for the greater good, because very few people would go along with them otherwise. They have spent the better part of centuries (maybe longer) trying to find ways to undermine our humanity, and have met with constant interference.

I sometimes take comfort in the fact that while the conspiracies of evil are always present and on the attack, they still fail to get what they truly want above all else. While the powers of good are not as visible at times, they are subtle and intricate, and cannot be easily undone.

Posted with permission from Brandon Smith | Alt-Market

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