Reconquista: The Replacement Migration of America IS Now at Warp Speed

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The Federal Government is trying to suppress the news of the INVASION that is taking place!

Lucifer and his Minions have a Plot, but GOD has a Plan!

New Drone Footage obtained by Infowars captures a large horde of migrants crossing the Rio Grande outside Del Rio, Texas shortly before the airspace became restricted.


The Warp Speed Vaccine plot that Trump was duped into believing and pushing, is merely a way to sicken and kill off Whitey!

Why do you think they are EXEMPTING themselves from the Poison Jab, as well as those they are herding and driving like cattle into America? Biden’s vaccination mandate doesn’t include illegal immigrants

Mexican Officials Bus Thousands of Migrants to Border near Texas Bridge Camp

Breitbart News – Mexican authorities are escorting buses full of Caribbean migrants to the Texas border so they can request asylum. The move has led to thousands of migrants crossing the Rio Grande and overwhelming the detention capacity of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

City officials in the border city of Piedras Negras are working with agents from Mexico’s National Immigration Institute (INM) to escort buses from their region to nearby Ciudad Acuna, where the migrants are crossing into Texas and requesting asylum. The rapid crossing of migrants has led to at least 9,000 being held by U.S. authorities under the international bridge. That number has rapidly grown since the weekend.

On the Mexican side, more than 2,000 migrants are waiting for their turn to cross the shallow waters of the Rio Grande.

Authorities revealed that many of the migrants reaching the Coahuila border have travel documents from INM.
The surge at the Coahuila-Texas border comes days after Mexican INM agents clashed with several caravans of Caribbean migrants in the southern state of Chiapas. During those clashes, Mexican federal officials were trying to keep the caravans from leaving Chiapas and reaching other parts of Mexico.

As the situation in Coahuila continues to escalate, other parts of Mexico are reporting an increase in Caribbean migrants trying to get on buses headed to the border with Texas. A citizen journalist claiming to be in the state of Veracruz posted several photographs and videos of the bus station in Poza Rica that showed a large number of Caribbean migrants seeking bus tickets.

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Mexican Presidential Candidate is a Reconquista, Aztlan, La Raza, and MEChA Devil!

Dirty DC Judge Emmett Sullivan Blocks Trump-Era Rule Banning Illegal Alien Families from Crossing US Border

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