Erdogan engineered a coup?

It’s possible that Erdogan engineered a coup!
A former Pentagon official tells the Jerusalem Post

I hesitate to link or use anything from the Shoebats. Not that they are not correct about the Muslims, But that they are staunch Catholics and hate Homosexuals with a passion. Ted even calls for their murder. Walids analysis of what is happening in the middle east is spot on. After all he was one of them? Please keep this in mind when reading any of the rantings on Homosexuals and their Love and support for the pope

Walid Shoebat July 24, 2016 – President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a “megalomaniac” and could have manufactured the coup attempt to rehabilitated his domestic power and image, Harold Rhode, a former longtime Pentagon official and Turkey specialist, told The Jerusalem Post.

“Giving into the Russians and Israelis in order to repair relations with them was humiliating” for him in the eyes of many Turks and people in the Middle East, said Rhode in an interview on Sunday.

Indeed, how can Erdogan, as Muslim, coverup making a deal with the ‘cursed’ Jews? He needed a master plan. It is a question many asked as to the identity of Antichrist as to how can Muslims accept this.

But the evidence that Erdogan had prepared for this coup does not need the Pentagon or any expert if you examine Erdogan’s actions since last year where he went overdrive to prepare his people for his own coup d’etat which was a coup d’etat on all his opponents instead. How is that for a twist by this master deceiver.

Erdogan mentioned his intent and referred to using Hitler’s methods publicly and carried out his plans right from the Nazi Gleichschaltung and has been preparing the Turkish people on the open to topple his opponents as we shall reveal later just a glimpse of what westerners never watch.

“At New Year, Turkey’s President Erdogan famously mentioned Hitler’s Germany as an example of an executive presidency, and the reference seems to be apt” says the UK Independent. The independent adds:

In a process similar to the Nazi party’s policy of Gleichschaltung (coordination) the AKP has gradually taken control of all aspects of Turkish society. Like the Third Reich’s Sondergerichte (special courts), two years ago a system of penal courts of peace was established, each with a specially appointed single judge to take care of opponents of the regime.

Like Der Führer, Turkey’s Reis (“leader”) has a strong sense of mission and a cult of personality has also grown around Erdogan. One party supporter hailed the president with the welcome, “O messenger of God”, and an AKP deputy claimed “even touching our prime minister is worship to me”.

Erdogan has “taken control of all aspects of Turkish society,” he, like an Antichrist, stands on the Altar of Allah saying “it is finished”. See the rest at