Immigration Test for Middle East

Immigration Test for anyone wanting to come into America from Muslim Countries

Call Mohammad a Pedophile
Call the Quran a book of fables and lies
Urinate and defecate on said Quran
Confess Jesus is the Son of God
Confess Jesus is Lord and master of Mohammad
Confess Mohammad is a liar and is an infidel dog
Confess that Allah is a false moon god and is Lucifer
Confess that Jews are God’s chosen people
Confess that Ishmael, Esau and all their descendants are heathen dogs
Confess that blessings come through Abraham, Issac and Jacob
Confess that all religions other then true Christianity are false and pagan derived
Confess that believing in Islam is a mental illness
Take an oath that Democrats have a mental illness and you will never be one

A Muslim will not make it past the first requirement let alone the rest. The ones that do, expedite them in.