Jezebel Joy Behar: Trump is Cutting Education ‘So We Can All Be as Dumb as He Is’

Sorry Joy,  you   graduated from that school with top honors! You were,  (and still are)  a Valedictorian way before Donald Trump considered running!

“Hello, and welcome to ‘The View.’ I’d like to wish a happy St. Patrick’s Day today to all of our Irish friends out there. And it is an honor of some of the first immigrants to come to this country, the Irish. They often on this day celebrate what they say the luck of the Irish. Of course, if you’re elderly, sick or poor, your luck as just run out.”

“I can’t help it. It’s so horrific and so horrendous. Just when you thought it was safe to stop talking about Trump, he unleashes his budget on us. He wants to cut clean water. He wants to stop helping old people and public education so we can all be as dumb as he is!”

Loud mouth man hater Joy made a correct statement  and I totally agree with her. She stated: “I am Possessed today”!

Yes Joy, you are possessed and it is with the spirit of Jezebel.

The Jezebel also wants all Trump supporters to read the failed and bias New York Times, which is filled with Homosexuals, Lesbians, Satanists and Witches: “a lot of Trump voters need to start reading the NYT and see what he is doing to you”

No Joy, I think I will stay away from such gibberish. Perhaps YOU and those Bimbos that spew hatred everyday need to start reading Breitbart News and the Daily Caller!

(h/t Breitbart News and Daily Caller)

If you can stomach watching and endure listening these hounds of Hell, please procede. I get nausiated which is why I don’t comment more on them!