What the Hell is going on in San Antonio Texas?

Pregnant Texas Girl Killed By Baby’s Father, who is also her Step-Father!

This is the 4th or 5th such story I have seen over the last year or so. Illegals involved in some sort of sex related murder.

A 15-year-old teen who was pregnant for a 2nd time by her stepdad was allegedly murdered by him!

Illegal immigrant Armando Garcia-Ramires is accused of shooting Jennifer Delgado, his stepdaughter and mother of his unborn child, in her San Antonio apartment.

The man is also the teen’s stepfather — and together have a 1-year-old son!

Garcia-Ramires had been living with Delgado after he separated from her mother.

According to local authorities, Garcia-Ramires told Delgado’s mother he was the father of the boy and unborn child.

After he threatened to kill himself, she called 911.

Police found Garcia-Ramires near a creek with a gunshot wound to his mouth and rushed him to an area hospital.

They later went to the apartment and found Delgado dead from gunshot wounds to her head and chest! Her unborn baby officially died later at a hospital.

Garcia-Ramires is currently being held on two charges of capital murder in Bexar County jail in San Antonio. Source

Thanks Obama!

Breitbart – An illegal alien who allegedly twice raped his 15-year-old stepdaughter now stands accused of murdering the girl after Obama’s Department of Justice refused to prosecute him on human smuggling charges. ICE officers were never able to deport the man despite a lengthy criminal history that includes charges of assault, burglary, and human smuggling. See the rest here