A Judas Will Appear in the Alternative Media to Lead Us Astray

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Isaiah 53:6 “All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the LORD hath laid on him the iniquity of us all.”

Revelation 3:9 “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.” 

Dave Hodges | The Common Sense Show – In my former days as a college basketball coach, I became very adept at analyzing my opponent by becoming familiar with the tactics and strategies of opposing coaches. I would look for their relative strengths and weaknesses. I would subsequently study how they might potentially employ their strengths against my team. When I felt I had a good model, I would employ anticipatory strategies, usually two or three, which were all designed to counter the anticipated threat. This approach to preparation is similar to what organizations like the Naval War College will engage in. Enemy strategies are anticipated and game planned for.

I bring these strategies to light because I think it is prudent, in the present time to employ this type of analysis and preparation to our fight against the globalists. Are there patterns that they follow that we can presently discern and reasonably expect them to employ in the near future? I think that there are.

Past Behavior Is the Best Predictor of Future Action

When I was coaching, I constructed and maintained a notebook on all coaches that I ever competed against. I wanted to know their tendencies, and subsequently, their coaching style. Since I sought to know my opponent as well as they knew themselves, I would begin by looking for patterns that they have employed in the past.

I have begun to do the same with the globalists and there are patterns that they follow.

We need to keep in mind that the globalists have no hesitation to kill millions in anticipation of lessening the opposition to a desired globalist goal. The wars that have killed millions are the most obvious case in point. Brzezinski, stated a few years before his death, that it used to be easier to control a million people than kill a million people. He modified this statement and said, today, it is easier to kill a million rather than to control a million.

Will the Globalists Use a Mass Murdering Bioweapon?

For the past 5.5 years I have detailed how a good friend of mine who worked for FEMA, an expert in bioterrorism, retired along with like-minded people and bugged out to avoid what is coming. He told me in no uncertain terms that if the rising tide of populism was not stemmed, the globalists serving entities that he knew would have not compunction to kill millions with a bioweapon. Keep in mind that that this was significantly before the emergence of Trump and the “Make America Great Again” phenomena. This man and his colleagues turned their lives upside down in absolute deference to this belief. However, I have come to believe that this would be the strategy of last resort because the clean-up and recovery from such an event would be arduous and long. Further, if the globalists were not successful, they would face a determined enemy with nothing to lose because it would be clear that capitulation would not be an option and many determined foes would be willing to fight to the death.

I think that this same logic would prevail when it would come to a major war. But for the same reasons, I believe this an end-game strategy. Further, any use of force by the globalists to install their one-world government, would be opposed with force by a well-armed population. Therefore, gun confiscation would become a needed perpatory strategy to takeover. Gun confiscation by brute force would become excessively violent and would create a guerilla force which would be a long-term opposition force. No, the people would have to be convinced to willingly give up their guns by a compromised “friendly”.

Attack America From Within

No, the globalists would need to employ a tactic which demands a dismantling of the opposition from the inside. Are there any previous examples in history where such a strategy has been employed? The answer is a firm and resounding yes!

Matthew 7:15 “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”

The Clergy Response Team stands as an example where the globalists, designed to obtain cooperation from the public to report to FEMA camps in big numbers, was to be peacefully facilitated by people in the clergy. The Clergy Response Team was the creation of DHS and remains in effect today. And when the climate is ripe for the “re-education” of the public, the Clergy Response Team will employed to facilitate a peaceful surrender of the American people. Therefore, it is clear that when the task is large, the globalists appear to have an attack strategy from the inside-out that consists of dismantling opposition by using people in positions of trust.

The Globalists Are Making Their Move

The globalists are trying to employ extreme censorship. However, I have found that this has only increased distrust of globalists corporations, like Google, because of  this strategy. Censorship has not been as effective as the globalists would have liked. In fact, one could conclude that these tactics have only served to increase opposition to the attempted takeover of our country by the globalist- serving Deep state.

So what lies next as a major move against humanity?

Attacking the Alt Media

If I were the globalists and I wanted the path to least resistance to a planned takeover of the planet, I would attack the alt media. If one could alter the message of the alt media, it could automatically change the public’s perception and make them easier to handle on a mass scale. The globalists have tried accomplishing this through censorship, but as mentioned, this strategy is not working. If for example, my website and youtube were to be taken down, I already have contingency plans designed to get the word out. The globalists can make it inconvenient to get the word out, but they cannot stop the spread of information.  Therefore, they need to change the message that the masses are hearing and subsequently, they need to  begin to compromise key members of the alt media.

Beware of the “Judas” In the Alt Media

If there isn’t already, and based upon past practice, I believe that a key member, or two, of the alt media will be compromised and their message will morph to one of lessening the threat faced by humanity. We might hear messages like “Take the mark, it will be convenient. Only a fool would not embrace technology”. This is high stakes disinformation.  For example, if we Christians take the mark of the beast, we are going to hell. This globalist strategy is also the foundation of getting many to give up their guns before the genocide.

How Will a Key Member of the Alt Media Be Compromised?

If I were trying to compromise a key member of the alt media, I would use a carrot and stick approach. Most people can be compromised by promises of wealth and this would be the carrot. If I were a globalist, I would also threaten people close to media personality. This would be the stick approach. Some people can accept their own death, however, when it comes to one’s own children, that is an entirely different matter.

I predict that the key issue to look for coming out a compromised figure would that of gun control. On this point, America, there can be no compromise. If we give up our guns, we are an open target for the globalist takeover. Therefore, any member of the alt media that doe not stand behind the existence of a well-armed populace, is a traitor.

How will they be compromised? The new Judas of the alt media will undoubtedly be used like any disinformation agent. They will produce messages that are revealing and accurate. However, the conclusion of their revelations will lead the public to make very bad decisions. For example, I could see a compromised alt media figure tell then that they have won the war and the threat is not what it once was. Therefore, “if you and your family are still hungry, it is ok to report to that camp in your city and warm food is waiting for you, and bring your unloaded guns with you”.

Pray for Discernment

How could you tell if you were following someone who is loyal to the resistance of a complete globalist takeover? It would be difficult. However, you can pray that God will equip with the wisdom to tell the difference.

How sure am I that this is coming and we are on the edge of this happening? I just spent over 1500 words identifying the reasons behind this warning. Further, the censorship strategies are failing, I believe we are at this doorstep as this is the next logical step. Get your news from a variety of sources and look for consistency. Staying in the Word will provide with the discernment needed to tell the difference between the real and phonies. Source is here.

Note: The only way to have Discernment is to be Born Again and let the Holy Spirit lead you in all things! I have learned the hard way!

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