CDC Data Shows Coronavirus Deaths Actually 37,308 — Nearly Half What Media Is Reporting

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Reported coronavirus deaths likely inflated by other causes of death included in data

Info Wars – Despite widespread reporting that coronavirus has killed over 66,000 Americans to date, data from the Center For Disease Control’s website shows that approximately 37,000 people have died from the virus, meaning the media is over reporting the deaths by 60%.

As of May 1, the CDC website states that 37,308 people died from the Wuhan coronavirus, which includes confirmed and presumed deaths from the pathogen.

The data also shows that the coronavirus pandemic peaked in the U.S. the week of April 11.

Additionally, the number of coronavirus deaths have been decreasing since April 25, with about 93% of all coronavirus deaths happening to individuals over 55 years old.

As Newsmax journalist John Cardillo noted, the data reported on by the media and Worldometer is a “scam” for likely attributing other causes of death to inflate coronavirus fatalities.

The new set of data further undermines health experts’ coronavirus projection models, which claimed in March that over 1 million people would die from coronavirus in the U.S.

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