Global Food Supply Collapse: Multi-Dimensional Planned Disaster

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Add to the following article, written on November 2021, the Russia/Ukraine War and it is more clear what is afoot!

Just this morning, 3/8/22, Drudge has a headline of $300 a barrel oil! We Will see $7-$10 a gallon fuel. That will translate to severe food shortages, and IF you can get it, you won’t be able to afford it!

Insider Lays Out Dire Food Supply Collapse Scenario Prompted by Vaccine Mandate

‘We are looking at a multi-dimensional planned disaster: people losing their jobs, food processing being destroyed and risking famine, and the total decimation of rural communities…’

Adan Salazar | News Wars – America’s food supply could be hurtling toward imminent disaster as vaccine mandates threaten the jobs of thousands in the meat packing sector, a food industry insider is warning.

What are “THEY” doing to our Food Supply, Our Economy, Our Freedoms?

War Will Cause “Hell on Earth” For Global Food Prices

In a lengthy Twitter thread published Thursday, a user purporting to have family members in top positions at poultry processing plants claimed vaccine mandates threaten to set off a chain reaction that could lead to a “total collapse of the food supply.”

“Covid has thrown a wrench in every industry- especially food processing,” the Twitter user @Agarthapill claimed.

As the insider explained, there’s already a shortage of USDA inspectors, but the federal vaccine mandate would leave even fewer inspectors, which in turn would lead to fewer plants being authorized to operate.

“If upwards of 35% of inspectors are fired come Dec. 4, we are looking at roughly 2,200 inspectors nationwide disappearing. This will be catastrophic,” the insider claimed, noting his family had already experienced issues with “inspectors being stretched thin.”

“Likewise, if a plant is stretched thin on quality assurance personnel to protect the quality of meat, that will lead to a complete shutdown of these plants until they can be fully staffed. We are looking at this being compounded with the inspector shortage.”

The closing of several meat processing plants could spur a domino effect that would leave the US in a very dire food situation.

“If this plant, like hundreds of others across rural America, shut down it will be the final nail in the coffin of these towns and a total collapse of the food supply.”

“We are looking at a multi-dimensional planned disaster: people losing their jobs, food processing being destroyed and risking famine, and the total decimation of rural communities who rely on these jobs to support their families. It is completely avoidable, but they want this.”

Take heed of the industry insider’s terrifying warning below – and remember to get prepared regardless of whether this particular plays out:


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