Evidence Shows United States Military Involved in Bio-Weapon Labs in the Ukraine

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N1 Info reports the embassy called American media and government liars, regarding the “invasion” of Ukraine, stating, “Instead, there is a special military operation to demilitarize and denazify the Ukrainian regime. Demilitarization – because it was the United States that was behind the pumping of the criminal gang with weapons, which barbarically destroyed the civilian population of Donetsk and Lugansk, including children.”

The Russians also accused the U.S. of “filling Ukraine with biolabs, which were – very possibly – used to study methods for destroying the Russian people at the genetic level.”

Referring to the “Denazification” effort Russia continues to promote, the embassy said the United States has encouraged the neo-Nazi tactics of the Kiev Banderas by preventing Ukraine, as a party to the Minsk Agreement, from fulfilling its obligations.

The statement also alleged American President Joe Biden is causing division in Bosnia and Herzegovina, alleging he is “carefully” pushing the nation into the EU in order to use it – like Kosovo – as a “fuse” against his geopolitical opponents.

Concluding its message, the Russian Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina coined the USA as the “United States of Anxiety,” and said America is bringing anxiety and lies to the world.

Before the embassy mentioned U.S. biolabs operating in Ukraine, a Twitter user called “War Clandestine” discovered a potential correlation between “strategic targets” the Russians were hitting in Ukraine and American biolabs in the country.


The independent researcher found a listing of Pentagon-run biolabs in Ukraine on an American government website.

Attempting to debunk the claims, the “fact-check” website Snopes was forced to admit in a section titled, “Did the U.S. Military Install Biolabs in Ukraine?” that “Conspiracy theories are often fashioned from a small morsel of truth,” before revealing the Pentagon labs in Ukraine do exist.

The left-wing “fact-checkers” say the claim of U.S.-run biolabs existing in Ukraine is “false,” admitting that “the U.S. Defense Department’s Biological Threat Reduction Program provided some funding to upgrade biolabs in the Ukraine,” but maintaining the “facilities are operated by the Ukrainian government under guidelines set under Ukrainian law.”

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) issued a statement about the rumors back in May of 2020, telling the world, “Recently, ‘fake news’ about the alleged activities of American military biological laboratories in Ukraine has been spread in the media and social networks … No foreign biological laboratories operate in Ukraine. Statements recently made by individual politicians are not true and are a deliberate distortion of the facts.”

“We emphasize that these laboratories are financed from the state budget, are subordinate to the Ministry of Health and the state service on food safety and consumer protection,” the SBU added.

However, there is bountiful proof of Ukrainian biolabs being funded by the American government.

An independent journalist named Dilyana Gaytandzhieva was able to collect data on eleven Pentagon-funded biolabs within Ukraine before the US Embassy Ukraine website hosting the documents deleted them.

The removal of the information came around the same time the first “War Clandestine” Twitter thread was going viral.

See two of the eleven now-deleted documents below:

The U.S. Embassy in Kiev released a PR video in January of 2020, accusing the Russians of disseminating propaganda criticizing U.S. Department of Defense biolabs in countries like Georgia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

The public announcement was an attempt to distance the labs from theories they could be experimenting with dangerous, offensive bioweapons.

One man in the U.S. Embassy video claims, “None of these projects are classified,” and another says, “The United States has humanitarian concerns that are beyond power concerns.”

According to a 2005 agreement between the U.S. DoD and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, if the American government directs the labs to do so, sensitive information must be “withheld from public disclosure by the Government of Ukraine.”

The agreement also states “certain information and technology considered ‘state secrets of Ukraine’ may be provided to the U.S. Department of Defense in accordance with the ‘Law of Ukraine on State Secret.’”

In April of 2021, Russian President Vladimir Putin said his government had “good reason to believe” the United States was developing biological weapons near Russian borders.

Considering the U.S. government’s connections with the Wuhan, China lab that Covid-19 leaked from, whether accidentally or on purpose, the Russians have a fair reason to be suspicious.

As a rebranded “Definitely Not Clandestine” noted on Twitter, “You can argue it (Covid-19) was accidental or intentional. Regardless, the Russians don’t want the US having biolabs at their border, as US have proven themselves either incompetent/careless for letting out a bioweapon, or evil/malicious and intentionally released a bioweapon.”


In 2017, a U.S. Air Force Air Education and Training Command advertisement requested samples of ribonucleic acid (RNA) and synovial fluid from Caucasian Russians, specifically omitting tissue samples from Ukraine.

According to Air Force Times, specifying the RNA request was for Russian and not Ukrainian tissue samples “set off the Russian media outlets, with some speculating that the West was developing a biological weapon specifically targeting the bodies of genetic Russians while leaving Ukrainians unharmed.”

After the U.S. Air Force request made its way into the news cycle, former member of the UN Commission on Biological Weapons Igor Nikulin accused America of developing new types of biological weapons.

“There’s nothing else that could possibly interest the military department. Most likely, they are weaponized viruses,” Nikulin told RT. “The US is trying to develop various types of biological weapons specifically for specific carriers of this gene pool, and Caucasoids are needed since they constitute the majority of the population of our country.”

“This is the same focus group for which they are trying to find the samples. It’s necessary for the viruses to act selectively on one or another ethnic group,” he said.

Last July, the Russian Federation’s Secretary of the Security Council Nikolai Patrushev said, “We are told that peaceful sanitation stations operate near our borders, but for some reason, they are more reminiscent of Fort Detrick in Maryland, where Americans have been working in the field of military biology for decades. By the way, we should pay attention to the fact that outbreaks of diseases that are not typical for these regions are recorded in the surrounding areas.”

Over the past few years, reports of botulism, cholera, Hepatitis A and Swine Flu outbreaks in Ukraine have been rumored to be connected with labs in the country.

In January, the Daily Mail covered a U.S.-funded “military biological laboratory” in Kazakhstan, which shares thousands of miles of border with Russia, allegedly being overtaken by protesters.

A state news channel reported 164 deaths in connection with a battle fought over the controversial lab with at least 16 police or national guard members killed.

While Kazakh officials have denied the claims that the lab was overtaken, they admitted its existence, saying, “The facility is being guarded.”

As “Definitely Not Clandestine” accurately explained, “At the very least, a world superpower (Russia) is accusing us (USA) of creating and releasing a bioweapon, and has reason to believe we might do it again. Think about the ramifications of that. Think about why the media and Biden continue to paint Putin as a viscous dictator.”


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