Jezebel Jankowicz A Queen of Disinformation!

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Attorneys General from 20 conservative states are threatening legal action against the Department of Homeland Security’s newly formed Disinformation Governance Board, which they said will have a chilling effect on freedom of expression and described as “un-American.”

If it were that simple, It would merely be irony that the Biden Administration lead by its chronic serial fabricator in chief is going to bypass the First Amendment and setup an Orwellian Ministry Of Truth lead by esteemed disinformation regurgitator Nina Jankowicz. Jankowicz has praised the debunked Dossier author Christopher Steele, heralded that Covid absolutely never came from a Chinese lab and vehemently claimed that the Hunter Biden laptop story was Russian disinformation with zero evidence.

But Jankowicz’s manic zealotry is far more complicated than what appears on the surface. Jankowicz’s resume reads like a quintessential job application to the Biden Ukrainian corruption corporation. An organization hell bent on New World Order Russian regime change fueled by the fleecing of the American taxpayer.

In 2010 Jankowicz attended University in Russia. In 2017, she was a Fulbright fellow in Kyiv, working with the foreign ministry of Ukraine. She has also served as a disinformation fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center and as supervisor of the Russia and Belarus programs at the National Democratic Institute.

And as the multi millionaire Wall Street leeching Democratic Party eggs on WW3 and funnels in billions of US taxpayer dollars to one of the most corrupt countries on Earth. Corruption blatantly tied to the Biden family. Jankowicz fronts an effort mirroring the totalitarianism being wielded on Ukranian dissenters. An effort that would make the Ukranian Goebbels worshiping Azov battalion proud.

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