Mr President – What Are You Waiting For?

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Ray Gano – If you have not been paying attention, a number of conservative news sources has been “de-platformed.”

So, from now on, these voices that were delivering news that we need to stay up on, are now totally gone.

But that is not all. Anyone who is now sharing any of these de-platformed voices could also be de-platformed.

When I post one of my articles and I push it out to Facebook and other social media, I am reaching probably 40K people. This includes all the groups I post in, emails I send out, alt news websites I post to, etc..

If I was to be “de-platformed” it would literally destroy my livelihood. No more support, no more being a voice of truth, no more pushing out vital information.

I would instantly be gone.

This is what the left is doing. Killing those of us who have a voice. All they want is the leftist ideology that is being pushed by the main stream medial and their cohorts.

If you have been paying attention, the deep state trolls say “private companies can do whatever they want” but this is NOT true!

This is something that I have been trying to point out for a while now. These huge social medias are monopolies and cannot be allowed to discriminate just as stores can’t discriminate on who they sell to!

These are also public means of open communication and by pulling the “Private Company” card. They are shutting down critical voices.

Folks, this is direct tyranny and thwarting yours, mine and other’s ability to speak what they truly believe.

NOW… So far President Trump has done NOTHING against this criminal action by Facebook, Twitter, Google and others except Tweet threats which do nothing!   Google and Twitter laugh at Trump now because he’s been all bark and no bite!  They lie and laugh at Trump while they censor far more than under the Obama demon.

I have been personally affected. We have seen 2/3 of our visitors gone. Support for our work cut in half, emails constantly being “spammed” or blacklisted.

Censorship is 100 times worse than when Trump took office now!

But here is my beef. One of his last tweets says he is “monitoring” the situation!

What the heck…Monitoring?

The powers that be are killing all of us who are effective voices.

Mr President, please take action! I am literally losing my voice and any financial support that I have had all because the social media et al cabal is killing all of us.

Here is the critical thing that YOU have to understand. They are doing this to those of us who have influence in social media.

Once they have done it to us and basically de-platformed all of us, they are going to come after the common joe.

Want to be on any sort of social media? Then you need to tow their line and their ideology.

“Oh Ray, I am not on Facebook, so why should I care.”

BRO… like it or not, sooner or later, you will be forced to be linked in to some form of social media so that you can be tracked. This is a fact. You don’t join then you will join the ranks of people like me who are most likely be ostracized and kicked out to the curb.

Mr President it’s now time to have the DOJ and FBI kick in doors at Google, Facebook and Twitter to seize servers and documents and shut down these criminal companies so they can’t steal the 2020 election!

And that is what they are after. They know that they can not beat you in the 2020 elections do they will do all they can to rob, steal, even murder for it. Their entire communist agenda is dependent upon this.

But it takes the American people to wake up to this fact. How many more people need to be banned? How many more conservative voices need to be stricken?

What I am asking you Mr President, please… stop tweeting and start taking action. Yes I love your tweets and your non-PC way, but it is now becoming talk and no action.

I am personally being affected and my lifestyle is at stake. When are you going to start backing up your words with DOJ / FBI action?

Many of us are suffering and our voices are literally being squashed into the dust.

Why can Eric Holder who was part of Obama admin take action on companies in just a few days on some issues but for two years now, your administration has done nothing but Tweet about how unfair conservatives are being treated on social media!

How many more conservative voices are going to be de-platformed, shadow banned, de-monetized before some sort of justice takes place?

Facebook and Google are in blatant violation of the Constitution as well as US Regulation.

Just think if Walmart stopped selling to minorities!

They would be shut down in days!

So why is nothing being done to help Christian Conservatives / Conservatives in general and we are losing more and more of our rights daily?

President Trump stop tweeting and turn the justice department loose so they can go after these communist thugs.

We are losing everything fighting and exposing the truth of what is happening.

We need you to back us up President Trump!

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