SHOCKING! A Blast of Electricity can make you RE-LIVE your Dreams or your Nightmares!

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Psalms 4:8 “I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, LORD, only makest me dwell in safety.”

This must be the reason why Leftists and RINO’s, you know……. the Swamp Creatures, are in another reality. I bet they found out about this, and……, like being an addicted Crack Whore, are sticking a finger in an electrical outlet so they can remain in a Brain Dead Stupor! This would explain idiots like Mad Maxine Waters, Nasty Nancy Pelosi, Dirty Donna Brazile, and the rest of those nuts still living in a dream world!

Scientists studying epilepsy claim zap to the brain can stimulate ‘deja-reve’

Daily MailZapping the brain with electricity causes people to re-experience old dreams and nightmares while they’re wide awake, a new study claims.

Stimulating the temporal lobe – the part of the brain responsible for long-term memory and dreaming – allows the person to relive experiences they’ve had in their sleep.

The phenomenon is called deja-reve, meaning ‘already dreamed’ and people who suffer from epilepsy have reported remembering old dreams during seizures.

The study, by researchers at Toulouse University Hospital in France, used electrical stimulation to assess which parts of the brain were involved in epileptic fits.

But they found that zapping the brain with electricity produced the same deja-reve effect.

One of the people analyzed in the study said they re-experienced a nightmare from years ago while another claimed she was taken back to a recent dream where she was locked in a room and could vividly see orange colors.

All 23 people involved in the study reported deja-reve-like experiences while undergoing electrical brain stimulation.

Deja-reve is rare in people with epilepsy, and the study concludes there is no evidence that it occurs in people who don’t have the condition, but it doesn’t rule it out. Source: Daily Mail

Actually old news as they have been doing this for decades. The spin-off of this is to transfer the entire mind, a persons being if you will, into robots! That is what they have been striving for, but ONLY FOR A SELECTED FEW. They will be the gods who will rule over the rest!

In the Star Trek original series “Return to Tomorrow”  there where 3 minds that were stored in receptacles. They borrowed 3 bodies to construct Android Robots that they would transfer their minds into. Well, that did not pan out to good!

Watch the entire episode here. Way back in the 1960’s the CIA was helping write Hellywood scripts and STILL are doing it today!

It ain’t Science Fiction boys and girls!

Swedish scientists are using AI to build androids that are ‘fully conscious copies’ of dead relatives, report claims

We may not have to wait much longer before immortality becomes a reality.

Swedish scientists believe that artificial intelligence can be harnessed to create ‘fully conscious copies’ of our loved ones after they die, according to Sputnik News.

Scientists are looking for volunteers who are willing to offer up their dead relatives for the study.

They would use AI to reconstruct the voices of those who’ve died to allow family members to communicate with their deceased loved ones.

Scientists also want to build robot replicas that look exactly like family members and friends who have died, the report claims.

What’s more, the scientists hope AI can be used to make the robot clones capable of completing more sophisticated tasks.

The robots might be equipped to answer simple questions related to the weather, what time it is and more. Read more at the Daily Mail

And why not be transferred to a Robot? Then you can be Blessed by a Fellow Robot!

There are hundreds of articles dealing with this subject…. from the Secular Humanistic prospective. The very ones who want to become gods!

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