Crooked Hillary Clinton: Biden Should Not Concede Under Any Circumstances

The Communist Democrats preparing to contest election no matter what! Crooked Hillary and her fellow gaggle of Witches are stirring the Cauldron! Kelen McBreen | News Wars – Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sat down for a virtual interview with her former aide Jennifer Palmieri on Monday to discuss the 2020 election. In a … Click here to Read more

Democrats Paying Homeless for Voter Registration!

Four Men Found Guilty of Paying LA Homeless People For Signatures on Ballots and Voter Registration Forms Baxter Dmitry | News Punch – Four Los Angeles men have admitted to paying hundreds of homeless people cash and cigarettes in exchange for forged signatures on ballot petitions and voter registration forms in LA’s notorious Skid Row … Click here to Read more

Hey Folks I have NOT made a deal with the devil to leave me alone like most of the Limp Wristed Faux preachers have!!

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