Terrorist News Round Up for June 7 to June 13, 2020

Islam – Muslim – Jihad – Terrorist News Round Up

UK: Rabbi Stabbed in the Street

Syrian ‘Refugee’ Tortures Animals in Austria

Christians Shot for Buying House in Muslim Area

Boy’s Finger Cut Off by Islamic Scholar for Stealing

Four Christians Begin Prison Sentences for Leaving Islam

Imam Among 4 Killed in Another Mosque Bombing in Kabul

Malaysia Charges Chinese Man with Insulting Islam on Facebook

Islam Scholar Shares Story of 5-Year-Old Girl ‘Raping’ Adult Male

Iranian MPs “Honor” George Floyd with “Death to America” Chant

Boko Haram Islamists kill at least 69, raze village to ground in Nigeria

Turkey’s coast guard again escorts illegal Muslim migrants into Greek waters

Muslims (with a straight face) try to tell you that ‘Black Lives have ALWAYS mattered to Islam’

Philadelphia: Muslim cleric says demonstrations are useless, fighting and bloodshed are needed 

Nigeria: Muslims murder Christian pastor and his wife while the couple was working on their farm

US Imam: Christianity Responsible for Looting, Darwin Called for ‘Extermination’ of Black People

Palestinian Authority: “Call out Allahu akbar and restore the glory of Khaibar,” site of massacre of Jews

Iran: Muslim cleric says father who beheaded daughter can’t be executed “because it’s against Islamic law”

Designated terrorist group CAIR-Minnesota leader says, “Attending a Donald Trump rally makes you a racist”

Muslim historian: US collapsing, Islam is only power fit to lead world, France and Germany will be Islamic republics

NEW YORK CITY: Self-declared ‘peaceful’ (Muslim?) protester announces, “If I want to burn down this Motherf*cker (city), I will”

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