A Wicked Evil Fool is running London!

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London Mayor Sadiq Khan Wants to Ban Cars from Parts of City to Prevent Terror Attacks

Proverbs 29:2 “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.” 

This Muslim Fool has a long list of things to Ban that his Fellow Fools can get their filthy hands on!

Terrorist Abu Muhammad al-Adnani said in 2014:

“If you are not able to find an IED or a bullet, then single out the disbelieving American, Frenchman, or any of their allies. Smash his head with a rock, or slaughter him with a knife, or run him over with your car, or throw him down from a high place, or choke him, or poison him,”

Find and use whatever you can, by any means! They have used hammers, clubs, sticks, metal rods, and their hands!

You don’t BAN the instrument! You BAN THE MUSLIMS and keep them in their own country so they can fight among themselves!!!

Gateway Pundit reports – London has already banned knives and has extremely strict gun control. Now the mayor wants to ban cars from certain parts of the city so they can’t be used in attacks. Eventually, you have to deal with the root problem. The city is going to run out of things to ban.

The Daily Caller reports:


London Mayor Sadiq Khan responded to Wednesday’s reported terror attack by suggesting that vehicles be banned in certain parts of the city, particularly near the government buildings where Parliament meets.

Khan told BBC Radio that the important thing was to ensure that the people continued to have access to their government, but that measures to keep members of Parliament safe would benefit everyone.

“I think there would be lots of challenges if we would do the whole square. It is a thoroughfare for cars, vehicles and commercial deliveries going through London. So it’s possible to have a designed solution … in keeping our buildings and people as safe as we can do. And also not losing what is so wonderful about our city that is a vibrant democracy, people can walk around safely.”

This is why you never let a Foreigner or a person who worships false gods rule over you!

Deuteronomy 17:15 “Thou shalt in any wise set him king over thee, whom the LORD thy God shall choose: one from among thy brethren shalt thou set king over thee: thou mayest not set a stranger over thee, which is not thy brother.

He is bringing in and protecting HIS Brothers……, the Muslims!!!

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The Milk Section is likened to those who will not preach on sin and Hell, just a feel good message, the Social gospel.

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Feasting on just Milk and Junk will eventually cause you great harm, you can count on it!!
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