CNN’s Chris Fredo Cuomo Wants Antifa and BLM to Murder White Children

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CNN Declares Open Season On ‘White’ Kids: Genocidal Chris *Fredo* Cuomo Says When ‘White People’s Kids Start Getting Killed’ There Will Be Gun Reform


By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

Chris *Fredo* Cuomo took to the airwaves of CNN, where he is a host, and claimed that gun reform would only happened if “Your kids start getting killed. White people’s kids start getting killed.” 

We have seen Cuomo and other CNN hosts justify and defend Antifa/BLM violence. We have seen Cuomo himself on camera, seemingly drunk, threatening to throw a man down the stairs because he called him “Fredo.” 

A nickname meant to imply the younger stupid brother in the Godfather movie.

We have seen CNN hosts call all conservatives Trump supporters “Nazis” and including them in groups like “Klan” members.

In between controversial reporting, fake news, the Russia collusion hoax, misrepresentation, reporting on selectively edited clips, CNN has been the worst of the worst of media for years now.

This… as we see racial tensions being stoked by every Democrat and liberal news organization, isn’t just irresponsible, but as liberals are fond of saying, it is a “dog whistle,” indicating “open season on white kids.”

Watch Cuomo, the man who thinks he is “black inside,” in the very short clip below.

“Shootings, gun laws, access to weapons. Oh, I know when they’ll change,” said the anchor. “[When] your kids start getting killed. White people’s kids start getting killed.”

Cuomo at one point in the monologue attempted to affect the hypothetical accent of a confused white parent, asking: 

“What’s going on with these police? Maybe we shouldn’t even have police,” he said, before directly addressing the whiteness of his audience:

“That kind of madness. That kind of mania. That will be you. That will be the majority. Because it’s your people,” said Cuomo, while looking into the camera.

The video above was uploaded by Daily Kos, one of the most far left, radical liberal websites online. 

Well, it was before the media started trying to give them a run for their money!

The point here is not only did Cuomo say it, on television, but others liberals are passing it along to their audience of radical liberals.

CNN isn’t alone in publicly targeting whites, as recently New York Times targeted “white evangelicals,” telling their crazed (you have to be crazy to believe anything NYT reports!) audience that the pandemic is being prolonged by White evangelicals who refuse to’ take the mark’..errrrr … I mean get vaccinated.

This is the second time in days we have noted white children being targeted,  the first of which by the very people the media protect and urge on, Black Lives Matter,” members who recently left graffiti on a wall saying “no more white babies.

Those are the core audience of news outlets like NYT and CNN. 

The very people that already want to kill off the white race, are now being told change will only happen if white people’s kids start getting shot, or casting blame for the lockdowns, the limitations and violations of Americans’ civil rights.


Not only are we seeing these attacks against whites, but people of color that identify as conservatives are attacked viciously online and off for not “thinking” the way the Democrats demand they do. 

Many black communities are also very religious, so the attacks against Christianity is also direct attacks against them as well.

As the media and Democrats continue to push for a race war, which they have already started, if we take a step back and look at the big picture, it isn’t just “whites” they are targeting for genocide, but of everyone that does not conform to their ideology, no matter the color of their skin.

Michael Savage recently highlighted the attacks on “all that Americans hold dear,” by the radical left, saying a civil war awaits the U.S.

I disagree. 

It is already here.

Looks at the national news, the protests, the arson, vandalism, the attacks against ‘journalists’ reporting on the rioting across the country.

Just a short compilation of just a few of the riots we are seeing across the country, right now. 

Does that or does that not look like war zones to you?

Look at ‘Mad Max’ Waters demanding riots aka people to be more “confrontational” should Derek Chauvin not be convicted of murder, in the same city that is already a powder keg drenched in gasoline and just waiting for a match.

The shooting occurred on or about 4:19 a.m., as a light colored SUV fired several shots at an Operation Safety Net security team providing neighborhood security. No team members were seriously injured. Two National Guard members did sustain minor injuries from the incident. One Guardsman sustain an injury from shattered glass requiring additional care and was taken to a local hospital to receive treatment for injuries sustained. The other Guardsman received only superficial injuries. No further information is available at this time.

“I am relieved to know none of our Guardsmen were seriously injured,” said Maj. Gen. Shawn Manke, Minnesota National Guard Adjutant General. “This event highlights the volatility and tension in our communities right now. I ask for peace as we work through this difficult time.”

The Minnesota National Guard is activated as part of Operation Safety Net, a joint effort among the Minneapolis Police Department, Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office, the State of Minnesota and local jurisdictions. The Minnesota National Guard was activated as part of the effort to protect people, freedom of speech and property during the Derek Chauvin trial as well as the aftermath of the police involved shooting of Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center.

Sometimes it seems as if people imaging the second civil war will look like the first, captioned above, but it has been well over a century (1861 – 1865) and the entire landscape of America has changed. More buildings to burn down, businesses to be looted, cars to be set on fire, people to attack…… it is a completely different world now.  

What we are watching play out right before our eyes is the heating up of the civil war already in progress.

The civil war we are witnessing is a clash between ideologies, no matter how hard the media tries to turn it into a full scale racial war, and as Fredo’s threat-like statement shows, they are trying very hard.


As the media continues to stoke racial tensions, using death and destruction as a wedge to try to further divide Americans by color, more are starting to see said media for what they really are and their endgame goals, so liberals, with the media’s help, will start ratcheting up the hype.

Prepare for more violence, more rioting across the country in liberal states (rarely have we seen them try their antics in conservative states where they will be arrested), more media declaring open season on Christians and “white kids,” and their parents.

Prepare for more excuses being made by the media for the rioters, and for those calling for more violence against conservative Christians of all races.

Prepare for America to be set on fire, with the media cheering the entire time. 

They truly are the enemy of the people.

Below is a compilation of the damage in just one city that saw rioting in 2020….. be prepared for more of this if the media and Democrats get their way, in 2021.

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