Communist Democrats Riot all across the Country and Attack Fellow Communists CNN Headquarters in Atlanta

Democrats Descend On Cities Across America To Exact Vengeance Over George Floyd’s Death

Democrat MOB RIOTS in Houston

Democrats destroy $30M St.Paul affordable-housing project

Minneapolis Burning: Democrat Yells “Shoot the White Folk!”

Communist Democrats in Minneapolis Burn Down Post Office

Democrat Mob Chases and Harasses Fox News Crew Off the Air

Democrats Torch Police Van as New York Police Precinct Sends Out SOS

Democrats  ‘Overrun’ Police Precinct In New York City, Another ‘Under Siege’

Fake ‘Gospel’ Coalition Says You ‘Have Duty’ to Let Democrats Break Into Your Home

College Football Hall Of Fame LOOTED AND DESTROYED by Democrat Mob In Atlanta

Democrat MOB Beats Police Officer in Street in LA  Officer Mobbed, Rescued by Good Samaritan

Communist Democrat Thug: ‘We’re Gonna Start Coming to the Suburbs’ — ‘Ain’t Nothing Left Here’

Secret Service Agents Deploy Tear Gas at White House as They Battle Democrats over Barricades

Democrat Jihadist’s in Minneapolis Call For Muslim Cop Who Murdered White Woman to Be Set Free

Democrats  Burn American Flags Outside White House: ‘F*ck the Police,’ ‘This Is Our First Amendment Right’

Fake News DNC Outlet Washington Post Virtue-Signals in Hopes They Aren’t the Latest Target of Fellow Communist Democrats

Minneapolis Police and National Guard DISAPPEAR — Allow Angry Communist Democrats to Loot and Burn AGAIN Despite Curfew

CNN Fake News Whips Leftists into a Frenzy — Then Democrats Congregate Outside CNN Headquarters in Atlanta, Vandalize CNN Logo, Break Windows

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