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FROM DHS AGENTON THE BORDER! The border is lost. There is no Border Control, were being invaded. Not just by our border now, but the border towns are teeming with immigrants that are not conforming to our way of life nor are they contributing to help our economy.

We take them to the hospitals for their medical needs and the Border Patrol pays for all of it out of their budget. At least 10 to 20 immigrants a day just in El Paso. Yes, most have serious medical problems and I’m glad that it can be treated however, why can’t they receive this aid in their home country? I’m not in the mood tonight to run the numbers but I know that we give millions if not billions to these countries south of our border and yet they can’t take care of their own?

Most of the people coming from Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua are nice and listen to commands; most of them, not all. The ones from Cuba, ironically always dressed the nicest, never dirty, and always complaining about their rights and needs, ya they give us most of our problems. But we can’t send them back to Cuba because Cuba doesn’t repatriate their own. How about we send them half our prisoners and tell them we wont take them back? That seems like a fair trade.

Let me speak on a topic the MSM gets wrong most of the time. When illegals get here, they get whatever medical treatment and medications they need. Border Patrol sees to it that everyone is treated fairly. But some come over here with life threatening health problems and by the time we get them into an emergency room it’s too damn late and they unfortunately die in our custody. Is that our fault CNN? Is it really our fault? It’s not moveon.org, the DMC, Beto, or George Soros’ fault for funding the whole damn situation and pushing these people north? Nope its ours. Well, if we had it our way, there would be a 100 foot wall surrounded by land mines from sea to shining sea.

What upsets me the most is the amount of children we deal with..we had a group of teenagers and kids from 4 to 12 in a large group walk up to us to give themselves in. They were from Guatemala and Honduras. God knows what those poor children went through to get here but God help the parents if I ever find them.

There is war going on across our border and its spreading north. Some of my Intel buddies in DHS say give it a year and half and we will see crime waves come north, due to the immigration crisis.

Where the hell are you Nancy Pelosi? Hello, you? Hello Democratic Presidential Nominees, come visit us in El Paso and please do some ride alongs and hospital watch with us. But I know you wont. I know your real agendas and it’s to destabilize and tear apart our country.

You may very well succeed. Trump, where are you? Come spend a week on this border Mr. PRESIDENT. Please go to McAllen Tx where my brothers say they catch two thousand every weekend. That’s just the weekend!

Folks this is all part of an operation and don’t you dare think it’s not. This is deliberate and meant to weaken us. There’s more to come. The only thing we can do besides build a wall is invade northern Mexico and declare it permanent military operations zone. We have to go to war with the cartels and all who stand in our way.

But that’s just what the elite want. They want us fired up and ready for a fight. So were at a crossroads. Do we build a wall, close the border and say to hell with it? Or do we invade, destroy all the cartel we can find and create another counter insurgency war like we did in the middle east?

I don’t know the right answer, but the wall must come up. Declare the emergency Trump and to hell with Congress.

Source: Steve Quayle Q-Alerts

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