How did Susan Rice make $50 million working In Obama’s Administration?

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Conservative Daily Post – Several months ago, Susan Rice, the former National Security Adviser under President Barack Obama, was in a world of controversy. She made headlines the world over with her part in intentionally “unmasking” officials on the Donald Trump campaign. However, there is more than meets the eye with this woman, especially when money is involved.

A career in the public sector pays very well, better than most of the jobs in the country. At her peak income, Rice was earning $172,000 a year. That’s pretty good, considering that when accounting for a 30% tax rate, she’s still bringing home over $120,000. However, Rice’s net worth is $50 MILLION.

That begs the question: How does someone who spent their life in the public sector have that high of a net worth?

Starting off, Rice’s income at her peak was just over $170,000. That means she was getting raises from the government as she was promoted. Let’s just assume she made that throughout her entire time in the government. According to the Washington Times, Rice hopped on the victorious Bill Clinton bandwagon in 1992.

So let’s say her career started in 1992. Considering that 2017 hasn’t ended yet, we will use up to 2016. So that’s 24 years worth of paychecks. Taking that time and multiplying it by $172,000 gives a grand total of $4,128,000. However, that’s without taking any expenses out, taxes or spending in general, which is literally impossible.

For Rice to obtain her $50 million net worth, she would have to spend just under 300 YEARS working for the government.

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