Project Veritas Exposes Facebook: Insider Reveals Systematic Political Targeting Of Conservatives

Explains ‘deboosting,’ ‘troll report,’ and other tactics designed to limit conservative speech A Facebook insider has given Project Veritas exclusive documents and an interview detailing how the platform’s engineers are policing and censoring political speech. “I saw things that were going on that I personally found to be troubling,” said an insider who was formerly … Click here to Read more

The Great Despot Social Media gods have Spoken! Many have Dared to Touch the Golden Calf

I WILL NOT BOW TO BAAL!! or any of their other false gods! Bottom line first and you will see the meaning of this as you read on: What do we do Folks? Sit back and let the Tech Giants Steal our Freedom of Speech, our Peas if you will, or do we go to … Click here to Read more

Sharing ‘Hate Posts’ Online could Lead to Six Months in Jail under Newly Proposed Rules in the UK

Chris Menahan | Information Liberation – The rulers of what many are now calling “Cuck Island” want to throw Brits in prison for sharing or commented on so-called “hate posts” on social media. Though the crime rate in culturally enriched Britain is skyrocketing and London saw a 44% jump in its murder rate last year, … Click here to Read more

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