The Ford Foundation that is Actively Funding Black Lives Matter and Antifa Terrorism across America

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Organization funding BLM, Antifa terrorism linked to Biden campaign

Ethan Huff – George Soros often gets the blame for funding much of the agitation in our country that leads to chaos, looting and rioting for “social justice.” But two other individuals who also deserve blame are Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, both of whom are linked to an organization known as the Ford Foundation that is actively funding Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa terrorism across America.

Claiming to be America’s second-largest private foundation, the Ford Foundation has thus far poured nearly $2 billion into groups that have the stated goal of “disrupting systems to advance social justice,” as listed in its grant database.

Key members of the Ford Foundation include not only Biden and Kamala, but also Kamala’s sister Maya Harris, Kamala’s ex-campaign chairwoman and former vice president of the Ford Foundation. Biden’s now senior advisor, Cristóbal Alex, also served as the program director of the Ford Foundation during the Obama years.

Several of Obama’s top staffers are now Ford Foundation upper crust, including Taara Rangarajan, Ford’s current chief of staff and Obama’s national security advisor from 2013-2016. Prior to this, Rangarajan served as special assistant to Susan Rice during the Benghazi incident.

Xavier de Souza Briggs, who served as Obama’s associate director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), is also now top brass at the Ford Foundation.

A vote for Biden and Kamala is a vote for terrorism and the destruction of America

During the final months of Obama’s reign of terror, the Ford Foundation gave numerous communist organizations massive cash infusions to ignite civil unrest. Numerous leaders of the Workers World Party (WWP) were given funding to create the Southern Vision Alliance (SVA), an activist movement that fueled riots outside the recent Republican National Convention in Charlotte.

Not long after this collective of activists was given $200,000 by Obama through the Ford Foundation back in 2016, they almost immediately went to Durham, North Carolina, and tore down a historic monument. Many were arrested as a result, only to be defending in court, for free, by lawyers from the Southern Coalition for Social Justice, which is also a grantee of the Ford Foundation.

With seemingly endless cash coming from the Ford Foundation, in other words, these so-called activists continue to “protest,” aka destroy property, wreak havoc, and cause chaos throughout the streets of America.

“The Ford Foundation likes what it sees in the alleged criminal gang,” writes Sloan Rachmuth for The Federalist.

“This year, the wealthy nonprofit gave the group $750,000, more than tripling its inaugural donation, bringing Ford’s total contributions to SVA so far $1.2 million, according to the foundation’s website.”

Various Marxist-Leninist groups are also on the dole from the Ford Foundation, including Dream Defenders, a group run by Bernie Sanders’ senior advisor Phillip Agnew that seeks to release criminals from prison and put an “end to the Capitalist system in the United States.”

The Ford Foundation has given upwards of $1.1 million to Dream Defenders, according to its grant database, and many of its activists are using this cash to campaign for Democrat mayors, state attorneys and prosecutors specifically in Florida, where an effort is afoot to defund the police, end cash bail, and free hardened criminals from prison.

Dream Defenders has been caught shutting down bridges throughout Florida, holding thousands of commuters hostage during rush-hour traffic. They have also blocked the entrances to neighborhoods and fomented as much “civil unrest” as they can get away with, all while promoting Democrat causes.

Be sure to check out Rachmuth’s full report on the Ford Foundation at this link, and share it with all your friends.

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