Terrorist News Round Up for August 30 to September 5, 2020

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Islam – Muslim – Jihad – Terrorist News Round Up

Given the recent interest in judging historical characters by their views on slavery, it bears mentioning that Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, owned and traded African slaves.

Christian Convert Arrested by Turkish Militia for ‘Apostasy’

Pakistan Police Torture Christians to Get Them to Embrace Islam

Muslim Caught Setting Fire to Own Store after Blaming ‘Xenophobes

Sweden: Muslim migrants try to burn down church, beat a man who defends it

Minnesota: Muslima admits to setting fires at university, trying to join al-Qaeda

Uganda: Muslim converts to Christianity, is beaten to death by his father and other relatives

Texas: Muslim Who Honor-Murdered His Two Daughters is Finally Caught, and the Denial Begins

UK: 15-year-old boy converts to Islam, tries to make bombs containing shrapnel for jihad massacre

Muslim leader: We need to convert all Hindus to Islam out of compassion, it’s easy to fool and mass-convert them

Display of Muslim supremacy never was allowed in New York City until Muslim-panderer Bill DeBlasio became mayor


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