Ukraine War Crimes

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Ukrainian Soldiers Torture Russian Prisoners! Shoot them in Crotch and Knees

All is fair in love and war right?

Even the Communist Democrats don’t deserve to be treated like this!!

Shocking video from Ukraine purportedly shows Ukrainian forces shooting and torturing Russian prisoners of war, prompting several journalists to call for an official investigation into these potential war crimes.


Update 4/3/22: Zelensky admits War Crimes when interviewed by Bastard Bret Baier!

‘They Are What They Are, They Were Defending Our Country’: Zelensky ‘Brushes Off’ Reports of Azov Battalion Committing Atrocities

Just like Boot licker Rush Limbaugh said about the torture of Iraqi prisoners…, “just blowing off steam”

Limbaugh thinks US soldiers just “blowing off steam”

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