YouTube Bans another Christian Channel

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Josh Peck Daily Renegade Channel Banned

Ray GanoIf you did not hear… Josh Peck’s Daily Renegade has been banned on You Tube from uploading any more videos as well as demonetized; meaning they cannot earn money from advertisers. BUT…does that stop You Tube from advertising on their videos? Nope… adds still run, but Josh does not make a penny.

Now, they think this is a temporary thing, but as of writing, Josh is still under the ban from You Tube.

Here is what Josh said…

Daily Renegades Youtube channel has been banned from uploading and demonetized. This may be news to some, but we at daily renegade choose not to be broken! We will not stop creating content for our viewers, we are always looking for new ways to deliver our content. We have found numerous facebook and or youtube alike platforms that we will be uploading our content to as well. So please check out the list of URL’s below and don’t let youtube determine what you can watch.

A Facebook alternative,

A Youtube alternative,

A Youtube alternative,

A Facebook alternative,

A Facebook alternative,

So why did they pull their uploading privileges? YT said that Josh was violating their sale of regulated goods policy.

HEH? What was Josh talking about in this video that caused the ban? Homosexuality and the ability to come out of that lifestyle and get on the straight and narrow.

So what does that have to do with selling stuff?

Oh wait… the YT advertisers could not advertise on his video because they do not like his content that he is producing.

FOLKS… this is starting to get a little close to home here. I have been warning about this sort of thing for a while.

The powers that be have been coming after all of us. Just this last week I sent out a video on where Facebook is “shadow banning” people.

What is Shadow Banning?

This is where you think you are posting and that you think that the world sees your post, but in reality only a few people may see it.

For example here are some comments from that video…

“I hardly see you on any pages. This one is the first on many weeks. I have also noticed that it takes longer to see anything I post”


“Yes, doing livestream on face book in privet group on a verse by verse study of the book of John. The video was deleted for inappropriate content sever weeks ago. It is sign of big brother…”


“Yup I definitely see it it’s been happening now more than ever.”


“Slow to see posts. Had made the assumption that most of the peeps on my lists simply weren’t posting or responding. Not showing all comments on a post, just most relevant.”

Yes… this is not only happening to folks like me, Josh and other public figures, it is now starting to trickle down to the every day conservative Christian.

IN FACT… just today I got a message from one of my readers telling me that Facebook deleted one of his posts due to hate speech.


He said that Facebook contacted him via email and he shared the email with me.

You can read it for yourself…

The powers that be are slowly turning off our ability to communicate with the world.

Now some of you may think this is a good thing, but it isn’t. How can we share the gospel? How can we share about God? Faith cometh my hearing.

If we are being blocked, then how to we get this information out there for public consumption?

How do we continue to stay in contact with each other? How do you even know when others are posting vital information?

Well, you don’t and that is the problem.

What you need to know I that the social media giants are gearing up for the 2020 elections. It is their duty to make sure that we do not talk to each other, have unity and create a movement like we did in 2016.

If they can do that, then they can end what President Trump has done as well as stifle the conservative movement.

Folks, do you realize that there is a very good chance of overturning Roe v Wade?

Think about many other issues that could over-turned that would put the US back on a positive course.

BUT… if we do not know what is going on, then how to we fight against this.

Our voices are being stolen and we don’t even realize it.

What You Can Do

The thing that we are battling are algorithms.

Post On Walls – for example if you are on Facebook and you have not seen any of my posts for a while. That means that the shadow ban algorithms are working against you and me.

One thing that I have found out is that if I go to people’s pages, like articles on their wall, make a comment and such all of a sudden, they start showing back up in my newsfeed.

I do this for people like Josh Peck, Derek Gilbert and other friends of mine. When I am NOT seeing their posts, then I know that the algorithms are working against both of us and I make sure that I go like some of their posts as well as comment on some of their posts on their walls.

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