Ben Garrison Targeted by the Rabid God Hating Communists

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The God hating, Vial Homosexuals at Media Matters, who are FUNDED by none other than Nazi Collaborator George Soros,  are more than likely the ones behind the push to get Ben Garrison dis-invited from a White House visit.

Ben Garrison Dis-invited from White House Summit Over Soros Cartoon

White House cows to triggered liberal outrage

Adan Salazar | – The White House has rescinded an invitation to cartoonist Ben Garrison, dis-inviting him from its upcoming social media summit, Politico reports.

Garrison posted the invite to Twitter last Friday, but according to Politico Playbook, the White House pulled his invitation Wednesday claiming one of his political illustrations was “anti-Semitic.”

The artwork, a commissioned 2017 piece titled “McMaster’s Masters,” features former National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster and former CIA Director David Petraeus as marionettes, with billionaire globalist George Soros as the puppeteer, and another hand labeled “Rothschilds” controlling Soros.

The left began churning its outrage machine shortly after Garrison revealed his invitation, with CNN anchor Jake Tapper one of the first to lead the charge.

Far-left media outlets, such as Media Matters, are also criticizing other scheduled attendees of Thursday’s summit, calling them “conspiracy theorists, extremists, and bigots.”

On Tuesday, Media Matters published a lengthy hit piece blasting several conservative social media personalities invited to attend the summit, including Bill Mitchell, Prager University, meme maker Carpe Donktum, Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk, investigative journalist James O’Keefe and even left-leaning reporter Tim Pool – who has been dubbed “right-wing” despite him donating to the campaigns of Democrat presidential candidates Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard – and even politicians Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN).

In a statement published to his site,, Garrison notes, “It is not anti-semitic to critique Soros or Rothschilds.”

“Yesterday I had a discussion with the White House and we came to the conclusion that my presence at the Social Media Summit would be a media distraction from the President’s message,” Garrison wrote in statement Wednesday. “They were nice about it, but naturally, I’m disappointed.”

Garrison claims the White House had agreed to keep the issue under wraps, but then suddenly overnight released a statement announcing he would no longer be attending.

“The news was on CNN World News and elsewhere. We are disappointed the White House released this news–I thought we would both be ignoring the entire thing.”

Garrison added the attacks calling him “anti-Semitic” are unfounded and libelous, and accused the Fake News Media of “only attacking me to attack the President.”

“I will continue to draw cartoons that speak out against those who must be held accountable,” Garrison wrote. “I will continue to critique their actions and deeds.”

“I will continue to support our president.”

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