I was Gang Raped by Three UN-Named Female Democrat Women

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Nasty Nancy Pelosi, Mad Maxine Waters, and Dirty Dianne Feinstein Gang Raped me in 1901 while I was on a trip to Mars in the Wright Brothers plane with them! Bimbo Barbra Boxer was there also but I can’t verify because she is sick and deranged at the moment! Krazy Kamala Harris heard about it so she may have to come forward as a witness!

Dirty Donna Brazile was on her cell phone telling them what questions to ask me.

All of these women are Catholics so I am sure the Pope and all Bishops and Priests have first hand knowledge. I may gotta subpoena them if President Trump will hear my case!

CNN was there and filmed the whole incident from their base on the Moon! They will not hand over the evidence so I am calling for an investigation by the FBI and my preschool school board.

I have been very distraught since then and can’t get into my Submarine to go fishing in Arizona any more with John McCain. Oh wait, he is dead and can’t pass the Great Gulf between us. Well, I am sure there is a beautiful lake where he is at and when I get there, we can go Hunting and catch some shrimp in his Cadillac!

I demand a hearing and all people MUST believe me and set up a Go Fund me page. I need to raise a million dollars cause I need lots of ice cream.

I like buttered pecan, but Coffee flavor with Caffeine in it would be OK cause I will need a break to pee, and I don’t want any other flavor because they are ALL Racist and not nice when I try to digest them. I demand blackbell butter pecan or I will put on my pussy hat and scream RACIST and Misogyny till I am orange in the face like President Trump who is a Mansplainer and a hater of dogs and lions and tigers and bears OH MY because he does not have one!

The ice cream is to cool my hot flashes because when I go to the bathroom the room spins and I see Trumps face and I just can’t stand it no more! Did I tell you what Gender fluid person I was, is, are? I mean, I am now a Tranny! I have 6 gears forward and 2 reverse!  Hey don’t you judge me! The Bible says not to judge me!

Oh and I just remembered Chucky Schumer, Barack Hussein Obama, Bill Clinton, along with several others who I don’t remember were there, pushed me from behind into the cargo hold, and laughed! Harvey Weinstein was in the bushes on his couch watching so he too is a witness. Bill Cosby was standing by with some pills just in case they could not hold me down and cover my mouth. I tried to scream, but the sound of the rocket engines were so loud, nobody on the wings could hear my plea for help!

They wanted to rape me also, but the women were in charge and said this was an exclusive Jezebel club and Men could not enter!

Then afterwards, they all got on the escalator and pin-balled off the clouds joking and laughing all at my expense. I have the BLUE dress to prove it!

I am 100% sure of this because Michelle, I mean Michael Obama showed me her Penis and rubbed it on the wall at mental ward I teach at! I am a great Psychology professor and card carrying CIA agent BTW! 

Here is a picture I took a few years before at one of their planning meetings! I overheard them talking about the gang rape parties they were planning and I sure wanted to go a watch! I never dreamed they would attack me because I was 2 years older and did not go to school with them!

Updates will be added when I can have time to make up, I mean remember more stuff I can’t remember. I am terrified to take a bath as it may trigger memories of my time I spent stranded in the desert on a fishing trip with McCain. He tried to rape me too but said he was sorry and that made me happy.  Please make your most generous donation so Shelia Jackson Lee can pay off people for me. May Lucifer the god of the Communist Democrats Bless you!

Disclaimer: This is me Mocking the Communist Democrats and is Satire. However, the links to articles are NOT!

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The Junk Food Isle is the outright false doctrine AKA the prosperity gospel, name it and claim it, the Hebraic Roots movement and other false teachings!!

Feasting on just Milk and Junk will eventually cause you great harm, you can count on it!!
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