Trump: Bowling for Traitors

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High Treason from the Swamp Creatures

Ben Garrison – President Trump has demanded release and declassification of the FISA documents, and the Deep State is terrified.

They know fraudulent evidence was used to illegally obtain the FISA warrant that allowed them to spy on Trump and his campaign. It also led to Mueller’s ‘Russia collusion’ witch-hunt. There is no Russian collusion by Trump. Now even many on the left are realizing it was bunk all along.

The lie-repeating propaganda mouthpieces for the Deep State Swamp are also pitching a fit. They claim Trump is recklessly attacking the FBI and Department of Justice, but our Constitution allows the president to order the release of the documents. Besides, the FBI deserves to get attacked for their obvious politicization and corruption. They have been carrying out crooked Hillary’s ‘insurance policy.’ FBI operatives protected Hillary and Obama for their crimes while trying to set up Trump for impeachment.

The FBI and CIA always use ’national security’ as an excuse to hide their gross abuse of power. Like Hillary, they also ignore official procedures when handling classified information. They use such information to attack perceived enemies while advancing their own power and furthering the political causes of their allies. After leaving government positions they become corporate lobbyists and use their security clearance and intelligence for profit. This is how the Deep State grows their power and influence. The voters and the rule of law be damned.

Hillary committed serious crimes which were covered up as a ‘matter,’ while the case against Trump was invented out of whole cloth. Deep State players have used this kind of rampant collusion for years. It’s now at a point where they think they are in charge. They actually think they should be able to take down a lawfully elected president. What they’re doing is treason. If they refuse to release the documents, they should be not only fired, but also arrested. If that doesn’t happen, send in the Marines and clean out the FBI and CIA altogether. Break them up.

Hillary doesn’t even have to pay for her insurance policy—taxpayers do. Over $20 million has been spent so far on Mueller’s witch-hunt. It’s time for it to end.

Lock Them All Up. Ben Garrison

Posted with permission from Ben

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