Domestic Terrorism Bill: They Are Using 1/6 The Way They Used 9/11!

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And that Folk’s, is to usher in total control over everyone who does NOT bow to Baal, the Luciferians!

You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” Rahm Emanuel

“Coronavirus an ‘Incredible Opportunity’ to ‘Fundamentally Transform’ America” Joe Biden 2020

911 was a False Flag Operation carried out by the Deep State, the Shadow Government as it was referred to back then. That was the driving force that gave us the Patriot Act, which was written up way before 9/11.

The riots by Antifa and Burn Loot Murder, BLM, in 2020, were just a pretext and a Gaslighting Mind Control Operation to properly prepare the masses for what they had planned to paint President Trump and Patriots as Terrorists. 

BTW, the REAL Terrorists, Antifa/BLM, are still at it in Washington State, but the Fake News Outlets are in on the Operation , so you don’t hear much about it any more because they have served their purpose. They are like a used up crack whore cast aside! 

In an Interview of Tulsi Gabbard, that was done by Beady Eyed Traitor Brian Kilmeade of Fox (Faux) News, She warned that what they have coming up in the Domestic Terrorism Bill is “very dangerous undermining of our civil liberties, our freedoms in our Constitution, and a targeting of almost half of the country.”

The Fox gang, including Sean Hannity, were ALL Gung-Ho about the Patriot Act under the Traitorous Bush Cabal. That cleverly crafted ploy has led to all of this Gestapo Police State Crap we are seeing shoved on us like a bulldozer filling in a mass grave site! This Domestic Terrorism Bill will be even WORSE!

The GOP, R.I.N.O’s and ALL Gatekeepers MUST GO!!

Facebook Fascists Disable All Commenting on New “Patriot Party” Page — They Don’t Want Alternative Party to Replace the Modern Day GOP Bootlickers

This folks, is just more gaslighting to condition you for what they call the Great Reset…..

What Exactly is This Great Reset?

… The New World Order, which China Joe Biden wrote about in 1992!

Joe Biden And The New World Order

Tulsi Gabbard Issues Warning About Domestic Terrorism Bill

It’s a 20,000 plus page Patriot Act in steroids.

It’s so dangerous as you guys have been talking about, this is an issue that all Democrats, Republicans, independents, Libertarians should be extremely concerned about, especially because we don’t have to guess about where this goes or how this ends,” Gabbard began, saying that former CIA Director John Brennan was already making comments that worried her.

“When you have people like former CIA Director John Brennan openly talking about how he’s spoken with or heard from appointees and nominees in the Biden administration who are already starting to look across our country for these types of movements similar to the insurgencies they’ve seen overseas, that in his words, he says make up this unholy alliance of religious extremists, racists, bigots, he lists a few others and at the end, even libertarians.”

“What characteristics are we looking for as we are building this profile of a potential extremist, what are we talking about? Religious extremists, are we talking about Christians, evangelical Christians, what is a religious extremist? Is it somebody who is pro-life? Where do you take this?” Gabbard asked.

The logical conclusion, she said, was “a very dangerous undermining of our civil liberties, our freedoms in our Constitution, and a targeting of almost half of the country.”

“You start looking at obviously, have to be a white person, obviously likely male, libertarians, anyone who loves freedom, liberty, maybe has an American flag outside their house, or people who, you know, attended a Trump rally,” Gabbard said. Source

Here is the Faux News interview by Girly man, NWO Stooge, Brian Kilmeade

The Establishment Wants You to Know Trump Is Just Like Bin Laden

Robert Spencer | Jihad Watch – The powers-that-be have sent out their talking points, and now the Propaganda Ministry is pulling out all the stops to propagate them among Americans. My latest in American Greatness:

No one knows where these talking points come from, but it’s quite clear where they’re going. The political and media elites have wholeheartedly embraced the strategy of likening the January 6 Capitol rioters (and by extension, all of Donald Trump supporters) to al-Qaeda and President Trump himself to Osama bin Laden.

It’s as ridiculous as it is offensive, but the agenda is clear: marginalize, silence, and ultimately criminalize all dissent from the far-Left agenda, under the guise of “protecting our democracy.”

One of the leading propagators of this myth has been, not surprisingly, disgraced former FBI Director James Comey, who said this on “The View” Friday about the Capitol rioters: “They are terrorists. They are people bent on coercing a civilian government—attacking our democracy—because of their warped view of reality.”

It was, he said, all Trump’s fault: “This is how al-Qaida radicalized: a constant, constant torrent of lies at vulnerable people. Well, we have millions of vulnerable people in this country who’ve consumed these lies, and some portion of them have been radicalized to the point where they believe they’re on the side of the angels and have to engage in violence directed against us. So it’s a serious threat, it’s a terrorist threat, and Donald Trump and his enablers—we want to make sure we keep the receipts, ’cause a lot of people are going to deny they had any connection to it come a few months from now—but that group of people has radicalized a group of terrorists.”

Comey did not originate this comparison. Back on January 12, former Homeland Security Department official Juliette Kayyem (who almost certainly didn’t originate it, either) wrote

Keeping Trump in office until January 20 won’t assuage the supporters who falsely believe that the election was stolen from him, but removing him from office a week early would emphasize that he is losing. Recruitment is easier for a winning team. As the Islamic State and al-Qaeda both discovered after their apexes, getting people to take up arms is harder when the cause is in decline.

That same day, Kayyem tweeted: “Trump is the spiritual leader for domestic terrorists and he is their operational leader. He tells them what to do. Now, total isolation. 25th A. Yes. Impeachment. Yes. Deplatforming. Yes. We are still in the tactical phase of a counterterrorism effort. Enough with unity.”

There is more. Read the rest here.

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