Updates on Operation Legend at Press Conference in Chicago

Attorney General William P. Barr Announces Updates on Operation Legend at Press Conference in Chicago DOJ – Today, at a press conference in Chicago, Attorney General William P. Barr announced updates to Operation Legend. Since the operation’s launch, there have been more than 2,000 arrests, including defendants who have been charged in state and local … Click here to Read more

Three of Nasty Nancy Pelosi’s “Divine people” and FBI Fugitive MS-13 Leaders Captured in Tijuana

Breitbart News – Three FBI fugitive MS-13 gang leaders who fled Los Angeles after a 2017 police roundup were captured in Tijuana. The fugitives were identified as Irwin Hugo “Droopy” Garcia, a leader or “shot-caller” in Pasadena, California; Jesse “Grinch” Perez, leader of the so-called “Adams clique,” in a section of southwest Los Angeles; and … Click here to Read more

MS-13 Gang Members are Animals

Jon Bowne – Long Island, New York knows exactly what Donald Trump meant when he directly referred to MS-13 as “animals.” As a panel met for the second time to address the extreme violence perpetrated by illegal aliens allowed to lurk on the streets of America, the left continues to double down. Washington Post columnist … Click here to Read more

How about them Dreamers? MS-13 directs members to ‘take out a cop’

NY Post – MS-13 has directed its members to “take out a cop” on Long Island — prompting the NYPD to put its officers on high alert, according to a new memo obtained by The Post. Police are hunting for the suspect, a tall, light-skinned Hispanic man with a thin build and a tattoo of … Click here to Read more

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