Terrorist Organizations Black Lives Matter and Antifa will Attack White People in Flash Mobs

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CIVIL WAR ANALYSIS: Black Lives Matter terror cells will carry out “armed flash mob” killing sprees on White communities while corporate America provides funding for illegal weapons

Mike Adams | Natural News – Civil war is now inevitable in America as left-wing terrorism groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter grow ever more confident thanks to 269 corporations funneling hundreds of millions of dollars into their hands, some of which is being used to purchase automatic weapons parts smuggled into the United States by China.

Update: The China weapons smuggling ring has now expanded into Louisville, Kentucky as well as Detroit, both hubs of Black Lives Matter terrorist recruitment, as well as the NFAC black militant groups who are already marching in formation, wielding weapons and threatening White occupants of vehicles.

It’s no exaggeration to state that McDonald’s, Netflix, Google, Nike, Apple and other well-known brands are now openly supporting left-wing terrorist operations in America. And they offer no apologies for doing so. This is the new America, where the tech giants, the media and the corporations are all-in with left-wing terrorists who openly call for killing police, executing Whites and overthrowing the government.

Fact check: Black Lives Matter is run by trained Marxist anarchists like Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi. Via Law Enforcement Today:

According to Patrisse Cullors in a 2015 interview:

“Myself and Alicia, in particular, are trained organizers. We are trained Marxists.”

As for Opal Tometi, she is close personal friends with Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela’s Marxist dictator. If you are not familiar with the reign of terror of Dictator Maduro, please read up.

The goal of Black Lives Matter is to achieve the complete overthrow of the United States of America, to be replaced by a Marxist authoritarian regime where White people are executed, churches are burned to the ground, and corporate-fascism authoritarians (like Google, Facebook, Disney, etc.) rule the enslaved nation, where thought crimes are punishable by death, and all speech is heavily censored and controlled by the regime.

The structure of the coming civil war: Flash mobs of heavily armed Black Lives Matter terrorists, wielding full-auto weapons, funded by corporate America

The coming civil war, however, won’t be structured like the 19th century Civil War that pitted North vs. South. A modern civil war will be decentralized, rapid in its deployments and organized using pro-terrorism online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, all of whom are run by the very same lunatic left-wing criminals who will be waging attacks against America. (Facebook and Twitter are essentially terrorist platforms now that censor all pro-America voices.)

The full-auto weapons and silencers used by left-wing militants will be funded by corporate America, which has already donated over half a billion dollars to so-called “social justice” causes — just a money laundering operation to buy more weapons for BLM terrorists. Remember that the next time you make a purchase of anything, including a Big Mac, a Netflix subscription or a pair of name-brand shoes. You may be funding terrorists who want you dead.

The structure of the upcoming civil war won’t be like anything you’ve seen in U.S. history. A recent article in ForeignPolicy.com, an academic-leaning publication that caters to globalists, offers an insightful analysis of the likely structure of the coming civil war. Keep in mind that ForeignPolicy.com is a pro-globalism publication that publishes propaganda hit pieces like one entitled, “QAnon’s Madness Is Turning Canadians Into Potential Assassins.” It’s essentially a far-fetched hit piece on the QAnon phenomenon, setting up a narrative to blame QAnon when Canada rolls out its own Boston Marathon-style false flag bombings to push the narrative that gun owners are all terrorists, except for the gun owners who are Black Lives Matter terrorists, of course.

The publication also claims “white males” are going to be the ones committing most of the violence, magically leaving out all the Black people who are committing the most violence on the streets of America today. Here’s the Black militant “NFAC” group marching down the highway near Atlanta, threatening people with guns and actually demanding reparations from White occupants of vehicles:

And here’s a video of one of the NFAC leaders explaining his manifesto. Their plans include filing a “Declaration of Liberation,” in which they claim they will declare every Black person in America to be a “political prisoner” while demanding the U.S. government hand over territory that the NFAC will take over for their own “Black ethnostate.” They currently plan to demand the State of Texas be handed over to them as part of the “reparations” transfers, if you can believe that.

NFAC’s leader Grand Master Jay describing how he will build his black ethnostate inside the United States.
boasting they are all ex-military extremely disciplined & experts shooters..gonna end really bad for these guys.. pic.twitter.com/FKPCT8pRRC

— Veritas News Feed (@veritasnewsfeed) July 5, 2020

So ForeignPolicy.com claiming that all the violence will be carried out by “white males” is pure delusion. But that doesn’t mean the rest of their analysis is wrong. It seems to be spot on, actually, in describing the structure of the coming civil war:

For the United States, the shape of future homeland conflicts will be asymmetrical, distributed, and heterogeneous. A contemporary homeland conflict would likely self-compose with numerous dynamic factions organized by digital tools around ideological and affinity networks. It would likely be a patchwork of affiliated insurgency groups and their counterparts engaging in light skirmishes along the overlapping edges of their networks, mixed with occasional high-value terror attacks against soft and hard targets.

Essentially, what they’re describing are “flash mobs” of armed left-wing militants who coordinate a plan on Facebook or Twitter — no doubt with the full support of Zuckerberg and Dorsey — and then spring into action, carrying out mass murder on an intended target, then vanishing into the cities.

Likely targets include:

  • White neighborhoods
  • Malls and shopping centers
  • Government buildings
  • The homes of conservatives, patriots and journalists
  • Private homes of law enforcement
  • Daycare centers and schools that cater to White people

The terrorist forces will arrive in regular-looking vehicles, then spill into the target area, spraying gunfire and killing innocent Americans with rapid movements and automatic weapons fire. Minutes later, they will flee the area before police arrive. Notably, the police will probably never arrive anyway, since Democrat traitors have deliberately de-funded police (or ordered them to stop policing) in order to allow Black Lives Matter and Antifa terrorists to achieve unbounded success in their own terrorist operations (such as seizing downtown Seattle or Portland, for starters).

Notably, the civil war actions by left-wing terrorists won’t rely on setting up static zones like CHAZ or CHOP; they will rely on rapid deployment and rapid exfil operations which could appear in minutes almost anywhere in the country.

One more note: As left-wing militants carry out mass murder, the treasonous media will describe their operations as “peaceful” while local hospitals will claim all the casualties died from covid-19.

The battle lines aren’t geographic; they’re ideological

These militant flash mob operations could emerge anywhere in the country at any moment. The battle lines aren’t geographic; they’re ideological. As ForeignPolicy explains:

Warfare now often proceeds from ideologically and economically marginalized communities whose suffering and fear is wielded by cunning global actors. They become guerrillas, rebel factions, proxies, and insurgencies. Sometimes they look more like tribal conflicts composed along racial, religious, familial or economic lines, often on top of resource crises that push violence to become a necessary solution. But they are rarely simple two-sided conflicts.

In other words, your neighborhood might be attacked by a “Black” militant group on one day, while your local government buildings are firebombed by a White Antifa mob the next day. You might also see, in response to that, patriot groups raiding the homes of known Black Lives Matter leaders, killing them while they sleep. Similarly, BLM terrorists might unleash targeted violence against police officers in a coordinate early morning raid that targets, for example, dozens of cops’ homes all at once.

We fully expect power grid substations to be attacked and taken offline in many areas of the country during these clashes, by the way. The power grid will become unreliable, especially in larger cities.

The ForeignPolicy analysis specifically points out that civil war militants may unleash, “occasional high-value terror attacks against soft and hard targets.” Soft targets are malls, movie theaters, schools and other places where innocent Americans are trying to go about their daily lives. It’s also not difficult to see Black Lives Matter or NFAC terrorists blocking a highway and going car to car, shooting all White people. (All the more reason to carry a capable rifle in your vehicle, where legal to do so. Aim for something larger than 9mm. A great choice for a vehicle gun is a 7.62×39 pistol, stuffed into a backpack that does not look “tactical.”)

Hard targets are more like government buildings, power grid substations, jails, airports and other targets that are more difficult to destroy. They can also include railways and bridges, by the way, and we’ve already seen Left-wing activists attack trains and railways over the last couple of years. We should expect left-wing terrorists to try to destroy America’s infrastructure along with mass killings of Whites and Christians.

The upshot here is that no one is safe anywhere in America as long as Left-wing lunatics continue to operate with support from Big Tech, Big Media and corporate America. George Soros is also part of the funding landscape here, and it’s inexplicable why he hasn’t been indicted as an international criminal and arrested by Interpol agents.

On any given day, even a trip to the grocery store or the daycare center could land you face to face with Black Lives Matter terrorists, armed with full-auto weapons provided by China and funded by U.S. corporations like Google or Apple. They will shoot you dead if you’re White, because of course they are full of hatred and bigotry and they judge everyone by the color of their skin. They are terrorists, after all, and racists to boot.

As Foreign Policy explains:

With these characteristics in mind we can envision what a modern U.S. civil war might look like. More sporadic and unexpected conflicts but with fewer deaths. Factions sprouting like mushrooms, taking different forms but coordinated across invisible networks. Waves of information warfare. Chaos and an accelerated bazaar of violence with a healthy immune response from the local and national authorities. The outcome (and probable goal) would likely be a fragmentation of the republic into smaller, more manageable alliances, though it may just as easily harden an increasingly authoritarian federal government.

Note that local and federal law enforcement will still exist, but they will be largely nullified by politics and de-funding efforts run exclusively by Democrats (all of whom are treasonous actors at this point who are actively seeking the destruction of the United States of America and the downfall of the rule of law).

Thus, you will be on your own. Dialing 911 will be pointless.

You need to become your own first responder

This is why every American needs to be armed, trained and ready to serve as their own “first responder.” When the flash mob of Black militant terrorists targets your neighborhood, school or local mall, the only defense you will have is whatever you are carrying at the time.

That’s why this is a time to be thinking about bulletproof backpacks, concealed carry pistols and extra magazines. An even better level of protection may be achieved by carrying a rifle-caliber pistol in a ballistic backpack, where legal to do so. This means 5.56, 7.62, 300 blackout or similar. I give specific rifle-caliber pistol recommendations in my “Global Reset Survival Guide” ebook, which is a free download that’s being announced in the next two weeks to NaturalNews.com email newsletter subscribers (which is also free). The download includes all the mp3 audio files, plus a printable PDF with reference photos and specific gear recommendations.

The rule of law is now dead in America, and the corporations are actively funding terrorist groups who want to carry out mass murder in the name of “social justice.” As a result, you need to be prepared to defend yourself against terror flash mobs of Black militants, armed with full-auto military-grade weapons, who are determined to carry out mass killings across America (including in rural areas).

Here’s an interview that’s worth watching, which covers some of these important topics:

Nearly all guns and ammo are sold out everywhere across America. For the ammo that’s still available, prices are up over 100% since March. Firearms are headed toward 200% – 300% price increase in just a few months, if you can even find any. Food shortages are on the way, and the global fiat currency debt-based money printing system is running in a total blowout phase that will end in a global debt collapse.

Left-wing terrorists are arming up with full-auto weapons to carry out mass murder operations across America, and most of the biggest corporate brands are actively funding murderous terrorists while the FBI is kneeling to Black Lives matter.

Yes, things are bad. And they’re going to get far, far worse. The riots you’ve seen so far are only the beginning. Those who do not prepare will die, especially if they remain in the cities.

All patriotic, law-abiding Americans are strongly advised to arm up as quickly as possible, and get training on the deployment of firearms for self-defense. Engage in dry-fire practice in your own home, and get some range time or outdoors training with qualified professionals. Acquire ballistic vests and night vision equipment. Stock up on hollow point or expanding tip ammo. Set up perimeter defense alert systems, including capable dogs and motion-sensing lights.

I’ll have many more details for you soon when my new ebook gets released, “The Global Reset Survival Guide.” It’s nine hours of audio, with a downloadable PDF reference document, and it’s completely free of charge. I want you to survive this so that we can rebuild society based on the rule of law, meritocracy and fairness. But if the radical Leftists win, they will install a socialist authoritarian regime where all political dissidents will be murdered by the state.

At some point in the civil war, by the way, American patriots will need to arrest, prosecute and execute all the Marxists and other treasonous actors who have caused this nightmare. They cannot be reabsorbed into civil society, as they are indoctrinated beyond any point of rescue. Throughout the civil war, they will need to be put down.

Have no illusions about what will need to be done to defend America and the rule of law. Prepare to once again earn the freedom you have enjoyed for your entire life. The cost of defending that freedom will be high.

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