Reason found for Retardism of Antifa and Leftists at Berkeley

$1 million worth of ‘magic’ mushrooms found in Berkeley home San Francisco Gate – Berkeley police responding to a call about a bickering couple said Monday they found nearly 700 pounds of psilocybin “magic” mushrooms with a street value of $1 million in the house, alongside a massive cultivation and sales operation of the illegal drugs. “I’ve been a cop for 17 years, and it’s

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Deported Illegals back to Mexico Overloading the Government Schools

Illegals don’t speak enough Spanish to integrate in Mexico, LA Times laments Kit Daniels | – Recently deported illegals are overloading the school systems in Mexico, the LA Times is reporting after ignoring the fact illegals were doing that in the US for years. Additionally, the LA Times is complaining that the students are “struggling to integrate” in Mexico because many of them don’t

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Border Patrol Agents Capture 3 Child Sex Offenders Illegally Re-Entering U.S.

More of the Democrat Voter Base being Recaptured! Breitbart News Texas – Border Patrol agents assigned to the Rio Grande Valley Sector arrested three child sex offenders re-entering the U.S. in less than 72 hours. All three previously received convictions for sexual crimes against children before being deported to their home countries.

Illegal Alien who was Deported Twenty Times Arrested for Sexually Assaulting 65 Year Old Woman in Portland

He then went on to assault another woman and commit multiple break-ins before finally being caught while running from police Chris Menahan | Information Liberation – An illegal immigrant from Mexico who has been deported 20 times was arrested Monday night in the sanctuary city of Portland for allegedly breaking into a 65-year-old woman’s home, tying her up, sexually assaulting her, threatening to kill her

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POOP found in Starbucks Products

BUSINESS INSIDER – It’s hard to match the refreshing taste of an iced coffee on a hot summer day — but a new BBC investigation may make you think twice before you order a chilled drink. The BBC’s consumer-affairs “Watchdog” program found that samples of iced drinks from Starbucks and two other UK chains — Costa Coffee and Caffe Nero — contained “varying levels of

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