Are We being Hoodwinked and Gaslighted about the Hospital Numbers?

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They did it on 911, they are running a Climate Hoax, so why not run another hoax! The stupid people are back to sleep and have the attention span and memory of a gold fish. They will believe more lies and fake news!

Staged? Video Shows Hospital Using Dummies In ER For Coronavirus Footage

Media pushing bizarre footage to claim hospitals overwhelmed with critical coronavirus patients

Jamie White | Info Wars – A video report by British media on coronavirus has gained attention after users noticed healthcare workers performing emergency care on a mannequin instead of a real person.

The report by Channel 4 News, called “New York coronavirus cases surge – hospitals struggle to cope,” showed several bizarre clips of healthcare workers treating mannequins instead of real patients, suggesting some hospitals may not be struggling to cope with the coronavirus as reported.

The main clip in question shows a healthcare worker adjusting a ventilator hooked up to a mannequin laying face up, with metallic joints and a large throat hole clearly visible.

YouTube channel Jeff Censored! breaks down the clip and explains that there’s no doubt that a dummy is being worked on instead of a patient.

“That’s a doll. That’s clearly a doll,” says Jeff. “If you can’t see that this is a doll, there’s nothing I can do for you. You can see the hole in the throat here, you can see the arm joint here, you can see the ‘hair,’ the fake eyebrow. It’s a doll.”

You can watch the original Channel 4 News report here.

The footage begs the question: if hospitals truly are struggling with the influx of coronavirus patients, why use mannequins at all?

Notably, Infowars has also reported on numerous videos by curious individuals checking out their local hospitals, only to find them quiet and not at all overwhelmed like the media has been portraying, even in hotspots like New York City.

The phenomenon of empty or underwhelmed hospitals amid the COVID-19 pandemic has become so suspicious that “FilmYourHospital” began trending on social media last week.


Is it possible that the panic behind the coronavirus outbreak is manufactured by the establishment, and if so, why?

Perhaps it’s about generating fear to make Americans more compliant with the erosion of civil liberties in the name of public health.

Oh, and Chris Fredo Cuomo of Fake News CNN does NOT have the virus. He is a Actor playing a part and pulling a scam!

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