Archbishop who smuggled arms for Palestinian jihad killers dies in the Vatican

Jihad Watch January 2, 2017 – Archbishop Hilarion Capucci earned everlasting infamy for running guns to the Palestinian jihadis who would have oppressed and subjugated his own people if they had had half a chance, and the Vatican in turn earned even more infamy by sheltering him all these years. Continue reading “Archbishop who smuggled arms for Palestinian jihad killers dies in the Vatican”

Chicago Ends 2016 with Nearly 800 Homicides for the Year

Breitbart News January 2, 2017 – Gun-controlled Chicago ended 2016 with nearly 800 homicides throughout the year.

The Chicago Tribune reports that there were a total of 779 homicides between January 1, 2016, and December 31, 2016. That is an increase of 287 homicides over 2015 totals.

There were 4,385 shootings — fatal and non-fatal combined — in gun-controlled Chicago during 2016. That is an increase of nearly 1,500 shootings over the 2,900 Time magazine reported for 2015. Continue reading “Chicago Ends 2016 with Nearly 800 Homicides for the Year”

Texas Parents Told They Will Be Charged & Arrested if They Walk Their Children to School

This is what a Police State looks like in miniature! All we need are the uniforms and the Salute!

Star Trek the Original Series addressed this lesson from history not to try and fix societies woe’s. Sadly, we are going the way of the Nazi’s on a global scale and many can’t see the forest through the individual trees.

DC Clothesline December 29, 2016 – Magnolia, TX — Walking your child to and from school in Magnolia, Texas can now end in your extortion through fines and even jail time thanks to a new policy implemented by the school’s principal. Bear Branch Elementary School parents have done some hard learning since the year began about the relationship between schools and the American police state after they were told they will be charged with trespassing for walking their own children onto school grounds. Continue reading “Texas Parents Told They Will Be Charged & Arrested if They Walk Their Children to School”

Guinea President: “Terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. Indeed, Islam is a religion of peace.”

No they are NOT a RELIGION of peace.

See America and Islam cannot exist together.

Robert Spencer Jihad Watch – Authorities the world over, from Pope Francis to John Kerry to Alpha Conde, have to keep reminding us of this precisely because it is so contrary to what we see in every day’s headlines: jihad terror attacks and plots engineered by people who point to the texts and teachings of Islam to justify their actions and make recruits among peaceful Muslims. No number of admonitions from Alpha Conde or anyone else will make realistic people turn away from that evidence.

“Guinea stands with Turkey in fight against terror,” Anadolu Agency, December 28, 2016:

Guinean President Alpha Conde has said his country stands with Turkey in its fight against terrorism and especially the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO).

On an official visit to Turkey Tuesday, the west African leader also visited the Turkish parliament, damaged by the July 15 defeated coup.

“Terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. Indeed, Islam is a religion of peace, coexistence and tolerance; extremism has nothing to do with Islam,” Conde told Anadolu Agency….

He also lambasted Western countries that he considers responsible for what is happening today, illustrating his remarks, in particular, with the chaotic situation in Libya.

“We warned the great powers against the intervention in Libya having two harmful consequences: The Somali-zation of this country, and the proliferation of weapons and terrorism. They did not listen to us and intervened. They killed [Muammar] Gaddafi and today there is no state in Libya, and weapons and the terrorist threat are proliferating,” he said….

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Soros: Trump is a “Would Be Dictator” Who Threatens the New World Order

Billionaire globalist George Soros has penned a panicked rant in which he decries President-elect Donald Trump as a “would be dictator” who threatens the future of the new world order.

In an article for Project Syndicate, Soros begins by mentioning how he lived under both Nazi and then Soviet rule in Hungary before asserting that “various forms of closed societies – from fascist dictatorships to mafia states – are on the rise.”

Continue reading “Soros: Trump is a “Would Be Dictator” Who Threatens the New World Order”

Crooked Hillary and Obama Armed ISIS

Evidence backs claim that Hillary armed ISIS
‘They are supporting all the terror groups’

Jerome Corsi World Net Daily December 27, 2016 – Documents made public by the Washington watchdog group Judicial Watch and separately by Wikileaks Julian Assange back up Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan’s assertion on Tuesday that U.S.-led coalition forces have given support to terror groups, including ISIS in Syria. Continue reading “Crooked Hillary and Obama Armed ISIS”

Does the Government Own Rain Water?

Couple Forced to Destroy 40 Year Old Pond on Their Own Property Because Govt Owns the Rainwater

Butte Falls, OR — An Oregon couple has been told they must destroy a 2-acre pond on their land — the property’s most attractive feature — because the government said so.

Although Jon and Sabrina Carey purchased the 10-acre property near Butte Falls two and a half years ago, the pond has been in place for 40 years — but that fact doesn’t matter to the Jackson County Watermaster’s Office.

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